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American Public Opinion Polls: Attitudes Toward the Intifada

eard of the Intifada:

Yes, heard No, haven't heard
ADL 9/89 24 73
M&K 11 88

Since 1988 there have been Palestinian uprisings in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. These uprisings, the intifada, have resulted in frequent clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians. Is this something you have heard or read about? Have you heard a lot about it, a little about it, or not very much about it? (M&K, 2/91)


No, have not heard 24%
Yes, heard a lot 32%
Yes, heard a little 33%
Yes, not heard very much 10%
Not sure 1%

Some people feel Israel has been too harsh in dealing with the Palestinian uprising. Others feel Israel has used only enough force to prevent further uprisings. Which comes closest to your own point of view--that Israel's handling of the uprising has been too harsh, too lenient, or about right? (M&K, 2/91)


Too harsh 33%
Too lenient 7%
About right 50%
Not sure 10%

Israel's Handling of the Uprising:


Too Lenient About Right Too Harsh
Roper 5/90 8 27 29
ADL 9/89 20 39 33
Roper 4/89 8 28 30
Roper 4/88 11 26 28
Gallup 2/88 17 32 43
CBS/NYT 6/90 7 27 35

Responsibility for the uprising: (ADL, 1988)


Jan. May
Israel is most responsible 16 14
Arabs are most responsible 16 11
PLO is most responsible 43 38
DK 26 38
Palestinians have legitimate grievances 33 28
Palestinians are protesting for...political reasons 39 33
DK 19 30

(Los Angeles Times)


Palestinians are acting in civil disobedience 34
Palestinians are in state of war with Israel 42