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American Opinion Toward UN Partition of Palestine

(1945 - 1947)

[Asked of 55% who followed the discussion about permitting Jews to settle in Palestine] What is your opinion of the issue? (Gallup, December 7-12, 1945)

Favor the idea 76%
Favor if Jews do 4%
Against the idea 7%
Favor leaving question up to British 1%
Favor leaving question up to Arabs 1%
Misc 3%
Don't know 8%

[Asked of 50% who heard or read about the Jewish migration into Palestine] Do you think it is a good idea or a poor idea to admit 100,000 Jews to settle in Palestine?  (Gallup, May 17-22, 1946)

Good idea 78%
Poor idea 14%
No Opinion 8%

England has suggested that we send troops to Palestine to help keep order there if the Arabs oppose letting 100,000 Jews enter Palestine. Do you approve or disapprove of our sending troops to Palestine to help England keep order there?  (Gallup, May 17-22, 1946)

Approve 21%
Disapprove 74%
No Opinion 5%

It has been suggested that the United Nations handle the problem of letting Jews settle in Palestine. Do you think it is a good idea or a poor idea?  (Gallup, May 17-22, 1946)

Good idea 72%
Poor idea 19%
No Opinion 9%

The U.N. has recommended that Palestine be divided into two states -- one for the Arabs and one for the Jews -- and that 150,000 Jews be permitted now to enter the Jewish state. Do you favor or oppose this idea? (Gallup, October 24-29, 1947)

Favor 65%
Oppose 10%
No Opinion 25%

If England pulls her troops out of Paletine and war breaks out between the Arabs and the Jews do you think the United States should send troops to keep the peace or should this be done by a United Nations volunteer army? (Gallup, October 24-29, 1947)

United States troops 3%
UN army 65%
Neither 18%
No Opinion 14%

If war breaks out between the Arabs and the Jews, which side would you sympathize with? (Gallup, October 24-29, 1947)

Jews 24%
Arabs 12%
Neither 38%
No Opinion 26%