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Palestinian Authority: Palestinian Agreement at Mecca

(February 8, 2007)

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,

"Glory to God who did take His servant for a journey by night from the sacred mosque to the farthest mosque whose precincts we did bless." [Koranic verse]

Based on the noble initiative announced by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdallah Bin-Abd-al-Aziz, king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and under his majesty's generous auspices, Palestinian dialogues of accord and agreement were held in holy Mecca between Fatah and HAMAS 19-21 Muharram 1428 Hegira, corresponding to 6-8 February 2007. And with God's help, these dialogues achieved success, as agreement was reached on the following:

First, stressing the sanctity of Palestinian blood and taking all steps to prevent bloodshed, while emphasizing the importance of national unity as a basis for national steadfastness and resistance against the occupation, in addition to achieving legitimate national aims of the Palestinian people and espousing the language of dialogue as the sole foundation for resolving political disagreements on the Palestinian scene. In this context, we offer our profound gratitude to the brothers in sisterly Egypt and the Egyptian security delegation in Gaza, who exerted great efforts to pacify the situation in the sector recently.

Second, agreeing on forming a Palestinian national unity government in accordance with a detailed agreement approved by the two parties, and urgently take the constitutional procedures to bolster it.

Third, proceeding with developing and re-forming the PLO and speeding up the preliminary committee's work in accordance with the Cairo and Damascus understandings. And agreement was reached on detailed steps between the two sides in this connection.

Fourth, stressing the political partnership principle on the basis of the laws applied by the Palestinian National Authority and political pluralism, based on an agreement endorsed by the two sides. While we announce this agreement to our Palestinian masses, the masses of our Arab and Islamic nation, all friends worldwide, we emphasize our commitment to it, in letter and spirit, in order to focus on achieving our national aims, getting rid of the occupation, restoring our rights, and focusing on the main issues, first and foremost the Jerusalem and refugee issues, Al-Aqsa Mosque issue, the prisoners issue, the detainees issue, and tackling the [security] fence and settlement issue.

It is God who grants success.

Sources: Middle East News Service