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Request of the Reich Union of Jewish Veterans for the Co-opting of the Former Jewish Front-Soldiers for Duties in the German Reich

October 19, 1933

Dr. Lammers,
Secretary of State in the Office of the Reich Chancellor,

The Honorable Mr. Secretary of State,

Following the conversation of April 28 with your Excellency, I took the liberty of giving expression to wishes and thoughts concerning the regulation of the position of the German Jews within the German State in a letter addressed to the Reich Chancellor on May 6, 1933. In this letter I endeavored to describe the honest desire of our Union to serve the German People and German State, and to outline the way that might lead in such a direction. In view of the position of the German Reich abroad, which has been brought about by Germany's withdrawal from the League of Nations and the recall of the German Delegates from the Disarmament Conference, I wish to declare the happy approval of our Union of this energetic move, which at long last opens up new possibilities for German equality. Just as I declared at that time that our Union placed its manpower at the disposal of the Reich Government, so do the members of our Union wish to place themselves at the disposal of the Reich Government today. Today, as 19 years ago, they wish to mobilize themselves entirely for the Fatherland, if that is what the hour requires.

I request your Excellency to inform the Reich Chancellor of our Declaration of Loyalty and of our readiness.

With the assurance of my most especial respect,
I beg to sign, your Excellency
Your obedient Servant
Dr. Loewenstein
Captain of Cavalry (Retired)
Chairman of the Union

Source: German Foreign Ministry Archives, Bonn.

* Reichsbund juedischer Frontsoldaten.

Source: Yad Vashem