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Myths & Facts: Index of Myths


Israel’s Roots
The Mandatory Period
War of Independence (1948)
Suez & 6-Day Wars (1956, 1967)
Attrition & 1973 Wars (1967, 1973)
Borders & Boundaries

Israel & Lebanon
The United Nations
Human Rights
U.S. Middle East Policy

The Peace Process
Nuclear Issue
The Media
Delegitimization Campaign
Online Exclusives (also in bold)

Israel’s Roots

 The Jews have no claim to the land they call Israel.
 Palestine was always an Arab country.
 The Palestinians are descendants of the Canaanites and were in Palestine long before the Jews.
 The Palestinians have Aboriginal rights to Palestine.
 The Balfour Declaration did not give Jews the right to a homeland in Palestine.
 Arabs in Palestine suffered because of Jewish settlement.
 Zionism is racism.
 The Zionists could have chosen another country besides Palestine.
 The Zionists were colonialist tools of Western imperialism.
 The British promised the Arabs independence in Palestine.

The Mandatory Period

 The British helped the Jews displace the native Arab population of Palestine.
 The British allowed Jews to flood Palestine while Arab immigration was tightly controlled.
 The British changed their policy after World War II to allow the survivors of the Holocaust to settle in Palestine.
 As the Jewish population in Palestine grew, the plight of the Palestinian Arabs worsened.
 Jews stole Arab land.
 The British helped the Palestinians to live peacefully with the Jews.
 The Mufti was not anti-Semitic.
 The bombing of the King David Hotel was part of a deliberate terror campaign against civilians.


 The United Nations unjustly partitioned Palestine.
 The partition plan gave the Jews most of the land, including all the fertile areas.
 Israel usurped all of Palestine in 1948.
 Prior to 1948, the Palestinian Arabs were never offered a state.
 The majority of the population in Palestine was Arab; therefore, a unitary Arab state should have been created.
 The Arabs were prepared to compromise to avoid bloodshed.

The War of Independence

 The Jews started the first war with the Arabs.
 The United States was the only nation that criticized the Arab attack on Israel.
 The West’s support of Israel allowed the Jews to conquer Palestine.
 The Arab economic boycott was imposed in response to the creation of Israel.

Suez & Six-Day Wars

 Arab governments were prepared to accept Israel after the 1948 War.
 Israel’s military strike in 1956 was unprovoked.
 The United States’ blind support for Israel was apparent during the Suez War.
 Arab governments recognized Israel after the Suez War.
 Israel's military strike in 1967 was unprovoked.
 Nasser had the right to close the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping.
 The United States helped Israel defeat the Arabs in six days.
 During the 1967 War, Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty.
 Israel attacked Jordan to capture Jerusalem.
 Israel did not have to fire the first shot in June 1967.
 Israel expelled peaceful Arab villagers from the West Bank and prevented their return.

Attrition & 1973 Wars

 After the 1967 war, Israel refused to negotiate a settlement with the Arabs.
 The Palestinians were willing to negotiate a settlement after the Six-Day War.
 Israel was responsible for the War of Attrition.
 Israel rejected Sadat's reasonable peace offer.
 Israel was responsible for the 1973 War.
 Egypt and Syria were the only Arab states involved in the 1973 War.

Borders & Boundaries

 Israel has been an expansionist state since its creation.
 Israel seized the Golan Heights and illegally annexed the area.
 The Golan has no strategic significance for Israel.
 Israel can withdraw from the West Bank as easily as from Sinai.
 Defensible borders are unrealistic in an era of ballistic missiles.
 Israel ‘occupies’ the West Bank.
 Israel’s security fence is meant to create a Palestinian ghetto.
 Israel is the only country that has a fence to secure its borders.
 The security fence should be built along the pre-1967 border.
 Israel’s security fence is comparable to the Berlin Wall.

Israel & Lebanon

 The PLO posed no threat to Israel in 1982 when Israel attacked Lebanon.
 Israel was responsible for the massacre of Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Shatila.
 Israel instigated a second war in Lebanon without provocation
 Lebanon poses no direct threat to Israel.
 Israeli forces deliberately targeted civilians during the war instigated by Hezbollah.
 The media fairly and accurately covered the second war in Lebanon.


 Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount caused the Palestinian War.
 Israel created Hamas.
 Palestinians do not encourage children to engage in terror.
 Palestinian women become suicide bombers because of their commitment to liberate Palestine.
 Palestinians are allowed freedom of speech by the Palestinian Authority.
 Israel’s policy of targeted killings is immoral and counterproductive.
 Israel indiscriminately murders terrorists and Palestinian civilians. 
 Israel was guilty of war crimes in the 2014 Gaza War. 
 Israel praises terrorists who attack Palestinians.
 The Palestinian Authority prevents and condemns terrorism.
 Palestinians resort to terrorism out of frustration with their plight.
 Palestinian terrorists only attack Israelis; they never assault Americans.
 Palestinian violence is only directed at Israeli settlers.
 Terrorism directed at Israel is motivated by politics, not religion.
 Palestinians oppose terrorism. 
 Groups such as Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas are freedom fighters.

The United Nations

 Israel’s acquisition of territory through the 1967 war is ‘inadmissible.’
 Resolution 242 requires Israel to return to its pre-1967 boundaries.
 Resolution 242 recognizes a Palestinian right to self-determination.
 The United Nations plays a constructive role in Middle East affairs.
 Israel enjoys the same rights as any other member of the United Nations.
 The United States has always supported Israel at the UN.
 America’s Arab allies routinely support U.S. positions at the UN.
 Israel’s failure to implement UN resolutions is a violation of international law.


 One million Palestinians were expelled by Israel from 1947– 49.
 Palestinians were the only refugees of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
 The Jews had no intention of living peacefully with their Arab neighbors.
 The Jews created the refugee problem by expelling the Palestinians.
 The Arab invasion had little impact on the Palestinian Arabs.
 Arab leaders never encouraged the Palestinians to flee.
 The Palestinian Arabs fled to avoid being massacred.
 Israel refused to allow Palestinians to return to their homes so Jews could steal their property.
 The UN called for Israel to repatriate all Palestinian refugees.
 Palestinians who wanted to return to their homes posed no danger to Israeli security.
 The Palestinian refugees were ignored by an uncaring world.
 The Arab states have always welcomed the Palestinians.
 Millions of Palestinians are confined by Israel to refugee camps.
 The Palestinians are the only refugee population barred from returning to their homes.
 All Palestinian refugees must be given the option to return to their homes.


Human Rights

 Arabs cannot be anti-Semitic as they are themselves Semites.
 Jews who lived in Islamic countries were well treated.
 As ‘People of the Book,’ Jews and Christians are protected under Islamic law.
 Modern Arab nations have never been anti-Jewish.
 Israel discriminates against its Arab citizens.
 Israeli Arabs are barred from buying land in Israel.
 Arabs held in Israeli jails are tortured, beaten and killed.
 Israel treats Palestinians the way the Afrikaner government treated blacks in South Africa.
 Israel's policy toward Palestinians is comparable to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews.
 Israel uses checkpoints to deny Palestinians their rights and to humiliate them.
 Israeli checkpoints prevent Palestinians from receiving medical attention.
 Israeli textbooks are just as hateful as those in the Palestinian Authority.
 Israel is a theocracy and should not be a Jewish State.
 Israel persecutes Christians.
 Hamas respects the rights of Palestinian Christians.
 Israel denies Palestinians basic rights and freedoms.
 The Goldstone Report proved Israel was guilty of war crimes in Gaza.
 Israel’s blockade of Gaza is collective punishment.


 Jerusalem is an Arab City.
 The Temple Mount has always been a Muslim holy place.
 Jerusalem need not be the capital of Israel.
 The Arabs were willing to accept the internationalization of Jerusalem.
 Internationalization is the best solution to resolve the conflicting claims over Jerusalem.
 While in control of Jerusalem, Jordan ensured freedom of worship for all religions.
 Jordan safeguarded Jewish holy places.
 Under Israeli rule, religious freedom has been curbed in Jerusalem.
 Israel denies Muslims and Christians free access to their holy sites.
 Israel has refused to discuss a compromise on the future of Jerusalem.
 Israel has restricted the political rights of Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem.
 Under UN Resolution 242, East Jerusalem is considered ‘occupied territory.’
 East Jerusalem should be part of a Palestinian state because no Jews have ever lived there.
 The United States does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
 The Israeli government wants to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque. 
 Muslims treat the al-Aqsa Mosque with the reverence it deserves.
The Trump peace plan does not offer the Palestinians a capital in Jerusalem.
The al-Aqsa Mosque is Palestinian.

The United States should not have recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
The Temple Mount is solely an Islamic holy site.
Israel is preventing Palestinians from praying on the Temple Mount during Ramadan.
Jews have no right to pray on the Temple Mount.

A Jewish terrorist tried to burn down the al-Aqsa Mosque.

U.S. Policy

 The creation of Israel resulted solely from U.S. pressure.
 The United States favored Israel over the Arabs in 1948 because of the Jewish lobby.
 The United States and Israel have nothing in common.
 Most Americans oppose a close U.S. relationship with Israel.
 U.S. policy has always been hostile toward the Arabs.
 The United States always supports Israel.
 The U.S. has always ensured Israel would have a qualitative military edge over the Arabs.
 U.S. aid to the Middle East has always been one-sided in favor of Israel.
 Israel doesn’t need U.S. military assistance.
 U.S. aid subsidizes Israeli defense contractors at the expense of American industry.
 Israel has no strategic value to the United States.
 The attacks on 9/11 were a consequence of U.S. support for Israel.
 The United States has the formula to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Peace Process

 Anwar Sadat deserves all of the credit for the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.
 Solving the Palestinian question will bring peace to the Middle East.
 A Palestinian state will pose no danger to Israel.
 Jews will be welcome in a future Palestinian state.
 If Israel ends the occupation, there will be peace.
 The Palestinians have never been offered a state of their own.
 Barak’s proposals did not offer the Palestinians a viable state.
 The Palestinians are being asked to accept only 22 percent of Palestine.
 Israel should be replaced by a binational state.
 The Palestinian education system promotes peace with Israel.
 Palestinians no longer object to the creation of Israel.
 The Palestinians have given up their dream of destroying Israel.
 Palestinians are justified in using violence to achieve their national aspirations.
 Palestinians never fabricate stories about Israeli atrocities.
 Israel’s refusal to withdraw from the Golan Heights prevents peace with Syria.
 Israel’s occupation of Lebanese territory is the only impediment to the conclusion of a peace treaty with Lebanon.
 Israel’s refusal to share water with its neighbors could provoke the next war.
 The Arab peace initiative reflects Arab acceptance of Israel and the best hope for peace.
 Palestinians would prefer to live in a Palestinian state.
 Mahmoud Abbas is a moderate politician interested in compromise.
 Palestinians are driven to terror by poverty and desperation.
 Israel must negotiate with Hamas.
 The Palestinian Authority believes in a secular Palestinian state.
 Netanyahu backtracked on Rabin’s positions regarding peace with the Palestinians.
 The Palestinians’ top priority is peace with Israel.
 The Palestinians have recognized Israel as the state of the Jewish people.


 Israeli settlements are illegal.
 Settlements are an obstacle to peace.
 The Geneva Convention prohibits the construction of Israeli settlements.
 The size of the Jewish population in the West Bank precludes any territorial compromise.
 Israel must dismantle all the settlements for peace.
 Settlements make it impossible for a Palestinian state to be contiguous.

The Nuclear Issue

 Israel's refusal to sign the NPT allows it to threaten its neighbors.
 Iran has no ambition to become a nuclear power.
 Israel has nothing to fear from a nuclear Iran.
 Iran's nuclear program threatens only Israel.
 Iran has signed an agreement that will prevent it from building a nuclear bomb.
 Negotiators achieved the best deal possible with Iran.
 Iran's breakout time for building a weapon is now one year instead of three months.
 The only alternative to the nuclear deal was war.
 Military force could not have stopped Iran's nuclear program.
 Iran does not believe it can win a nuclear war.
 Iran should be allowed a nuclear weapon since Israel has one.
 The United States did not go to war against Iran.
 Iran will be prevented from building a bomb by an unprecedented verification regime.
 If Iran cheats, sanctions can easily be reimposed.
 The Iran deal eliminates the danger of nuclear proliferation.
 The agreement put an end to Iran's ballistic missile research. 
 Iran's attitude toward the United States and Israel has moderated. 
 Iran is an ally in the fight against ISIS. 
 Unfrozen assets will aid the Iranian economy but not its hostile activities.

The Media

 Press coverage of Israel is proportional to its importance in world affairs.
 Media coverage of the Arab world is objective.
 Journalists covering the Middle East are driven by the search for the truth.
 Arab officials tell Western journalists the same thing they tell their own people.
 Israelis cannot deny the truth of pictures showing their abuses.
 The press makes no apologies for terrorists.
 The Palestinian Authority places no restrictions on reporters.
 The media carefully investigates Palestinian claims before publicizing them.
 Media coverage of Israeli operations in Gaza was fair and accurate.
 Journalists are never deceived by Palestinian propaganda.


 Anti-Semitism is a result of Israeli policies.
 Supporters of Israel only criticize Arabs and never Israelis.
 Academic freedom means any criticism of Israel is permissible in a university.
 American universities should divest from companies that do business in Israel.
 Advocates for Israel try to silence critics by labeling them anti-Semitic.
 The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement originated with Palestinians seeking to promote peace and justice.
 Campus delegitimization campaigns are successful.
 The BDS movement advocates peace and a two-state solution.
 The BDS campaign has succeeded in isolating Israel.
 Selective boycotts advance prospects for Palestinian-Israeli peace.
 Academic boycotts are popular in America.
 Labeling products manufactured in West Bank settlements promotes peace.

Online Exclusives

The Palestinian Authority held a free, democratic election in 2005.
Israel is building the security fence as part of a land grab to control the West Bank and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.
The demographic threat to Israel posed by Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza is overrated and therefore Israel need not make territorial compromises.
Israel is killing Palestinians with radiation spy machines.
Unlike other Arab women, Palestinian women are not killed for dishonoring their families.
Israel has moved the border so it will not withdraw completely from the Gaza Strip.
Hamas should be permitted to participate in Palestinian Authority elections.
Israel's disengagement from Gaza was a victory for terror.
Israel is obstructing Palestinian elections.
Academic freedom means any criticism of Israel is permissible in a university.
The Palestinian Authority held a democratic election and Israel and the rest of the world must accept that Hamas was the victor.
Israel is digging under the Al-Aqsa mosque and intends to destroy it.
Israel is responsible for disparaging cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
The Palestinians have maintained a truce and ceased terror operations against Israel.
The PA is entitled to international aid because Hamas was democratically elected and the Palestinian people should not be made to suffer because Israel doesn’t like the election outcome.
Saudi Arabia has ended its boycott of Israel.
Israel is knowingly desecrating a Muslim holy place in Jerusalem by building a museum on top of a cemetery.
Hamas is a threat only to Israel.
Palestinians have the right to sell land to Jews.
Israel has no justification for withholding tax monies due to the Palestinian Authority.
If Israel ends the occupation, there will be peace.
Israel deliberately targets Lebanese civilians.
Israel should exchange Arab prisoners for soldiers kidnaped by Hamas and Hizballah.
The media is fairly and accurately covering the war in Lebanon.
Israeli forces deliberately targeted civilians during the war instigated by Hizballah.
A unity Palestinian government will reinvigorate the peace process.
Saudi Arabia has proposed a new formula for a comprehensive peace.
A new report proves Israeli settlements are built on Palestinian land.
The overwhelming majority of casualties in the war with Hizballah were civilians.
Abbas is helpless to stop the terrorists.
Israel is obstructing progress toward a Palestinian state.
Israeli Arabs are unpatriotic.
Women are not recruited to become suicide bombers.
Palestinian terrorist groups are committed to a ceasefire.
Israel is damaging the Temple Mount and threatening Islamic shrines.
Palestinians are moderating their views toward Israel.
The Arab peace initiative reflects the Arab states’ acceptance of Israel.
Israel is denying health care to Palestinians.
The Hamas takeover of Gaza poses no threat to Christians.
Lebanon has abided by UN Resolution 1701 and poses no direct threat to Israel.
Israel is once again expelling Arabs from Palestine.
The ‘occupation’ has sapped Israel's morale as reflected by the decline in Israelis willing to serve in the IDF.
Israel has nothing to fear from a nuclear Iran.
Israel’s presumed nuclear capability is stoking an arms race.
Iran’s nuclear program threatens only Israel.
No state in the world connects its national identity to a religious identity.
Arab participation in the Annapolis conference signaled a new attitude toward Israel.
Palestinians prefer to live in a Palestinian state.
Israel and the Palestinians agree a future Palestinian state will have an army.
Gaza settlers’ greenhouses have bolstered the PA economy.
The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is Israel's fault.
Israel's actions in Gaza were disproportionate and unprovoked.
Israel's enemies must recognize the Jewish state's right to exist.
Palestinians are driven to terror by poverty and desperation.
Israel must negotiate with Hamas.
Mahmoud Abbas has rooted out the corruption in the Palestinian Authority.
Hizbollah is a resistance movement whose only interest is fighting Israel.
Palestinian terrorist groups agreed to a ceasefire to advance the peace process.
Olmert's resignation means the end of peace talks with the Palestinians.
Arabs cannot vote in Israel.
Israel is intolerant of homosexuality.
Hamas will not break a ceasefire.
Arab states' sincerity in promoting their peace initiative is reflected in their positions in international forums.
Charles Freeman was the right choice for chair of the National Intelligence Council and the Israel lobby was responsible for his not being appointed.
Arab states support Iran.
Netanyahu is not an advocate for peace.
The United States missed an opportunity to address the issue of global racism in its nonparticipation in Durban II.
Abbas is ready to accept a Jewish state in the framework of a twostate solution.
Khaled Meshaal seeks peace, not the destruction of Israel.
The pope’s trip to Israel shows that issues between Israel and the Vatican have been resolved.
Obama and Netanyahu have irreconcilable visions of peace.
Netanyahu's government refuses to honor past agreements on settlements.
There is urgency to resolve the PalestinianIsrael conflict.
Palestinian leaders are committed to peace.
Fatah's Sixth Congress proved the party's rejuvenated committment to peace.
Saudi Arabia is on the path to normalizing relations with Israel.
The Goldstone Report proves Israel is guilty of war crimes in Gaza.
In exchange for a settlement freeze, Arab states are offering overflight rights as a peace gesture to Israel.
Jews were responsible for the defeat of Egypt's candidate for UNESCO.
The enemies of Israel will not misuse the Goldstone Report.
Amnesty's water report fairly portrays Israel.
The threat Hizbollah poses to Israel has diminished.
Syria is ready for peace with Israel.
Settlements are an obstacle to negotiations.
Egypt's blockade of Gaza has provoked international criticism.
George Mitchell threatened Israel.
The U.S. is maintaining Israel's qualitative edge.
The Israelis and the Palestinians share equal blame in creating recent obstacles to peace.
Israel is an apartheid state.
Israel’s Inclusion of Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs as Jewish Heritage Sites is an attack on Palestinian sovereignty and Islam.
The rededication of the Hurva Synagogue is an affront to Palestinians.
The Palestinian Authority promotes a culture of tolerance and peace.
The flotilla bound for Gaza was on a humanitarian mission.
The naval blockade of Gaza does not affect Hamas and only hurts innocent civilians.
UNIFIL has kept the peace in southern Lebanon.
Palestinian Authority leaders have a mandate from the people to pursue peace.
Ending the moratorium on settlement construction is designed to torpedo peace negotiations.
Renewed settlement construction in the West Bank proves Israel is uninterested in peace.
Israel has instituted a racist loyalty oath requiring immigrants to pledge allegiance to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.
The Palestinians can pressure Israel into negotiating on their terms by unilaterally declaring statehood.
Israel cannot be both a democratic state and a Jewish state.
The UN helps preserve Jewish holy sites in the Palestinian Territories.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is a moderate interested in compromise.
Israel is the only country in the Middle East that feels threatened by Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Saudi Arabia is an ally of the West in the war on terror.
The viability of a future Palestinian state is severely hampered by the continued construction of Israeli settlements.
Israel illegally demolished a Palestinian national landmark in East Jerusalem.
Israel is required by international law to supply goods and services to Gaza  its blockade is collective punishment.
Israel must accept the demand of Palestinian refugees to 'return' in order for there to be peace.
The Egyptian revolution has no impact on Israel's security.
Turmoil in Egypt is a result of the failure to solve the IsraeliPalestinian conflict.
America's veto of a UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements undermined peace talks.
American media coverage of Israel is proportional with coverage given to the rest of the Middle East.
'Israel Apartheid Week' promotes peace.
Palestinian terrorism is a byproduct of the 'cycle of violence' perpetuated by Israel.
Israel unnecessarily maintains checkpoints to control and humiliate the Palestinians.
Rockets shot from Gaza at southern Israel do not cause enough damage to justify military retaliation .
Justice Goldstone remains convinced that Israel committed war crimes documented in the Goldstone Report.
The Iron Dome Missile Defense System negates the need for Israel to engage in military operations against Hamas in Gaza
The targeted assassination of terrorist leaders is a counterproductive military strategy 
HamasFatah reconciliation paves the way to peace negotiations with Israel. 
Israel unjustly responded with violence to the protests of Nakba day. 
Israel must withdraw to the June 4, 1967 boundaries.
Gaza does not receive necessary humaitarian supplies due to Israel's blockade.&l's blockade. 

Palestinian protestors staged nonviolents demonstrations on the IsraeliSyrian border.
The 'Flotilla 2' is intended solely to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 
The United Nations repudiated the claim that Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza is legal. 
A Unilateral Declaration of Independence is the Palestinians’ only avenue to advance the Peace Process.
Palestinian leaders claim that the future Palestinian state will welcome Jews and Israelis. 

Mahmoud Abbas is working toward reaching peace with Israel. 
Due to the ongoing IsraeliPalestinian conflict, Israel's economy has been suffering.
Gaza does not receive necessary humaitarian supplies due to Israel's blockade.
The 'Flotilla 2' is intended solely to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
The United Nations repudiated the claim that Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza is legal.
A Unilateral Declaration of Independence is the Palestinians’ only avenue to advance the Peace Process.
Palestinian leaders claim that the future Palestinian state will welcome Jews and Israelis.
Mahmoud Abbas is working toward reaching peace with Israel. 
Time is not on Iran's side visavis its acquiring the atomic bomb. 
Due to the ongoing IsraeliPalestinian conflict, Israel's economy has been suffering.
Of the Palestinian prisoners released in the Shalit deal, most who have spoken out say they will renounce terror.
Israel's proposed rebuilding of the Mugrabi Gate leading to the Temple Mount is an act of religious war.
The Palestinian leadership wants to normalize ties with Israel.
The Palestinians agreed to negotiate with Israel without preconditions.
Palestinians terrorism is no longer a threat to Israel.
Israel no longer faces any threats from Gaza.
The rights of Palestinian women are protected in the Palestinian Authority.
Palestinians are talking about peace with Israelis in Jordan.
Terrorism against Jews is limited to attacks in Israel and the Palestinian territories.
Israeli democracy is threatened and Americans need to speak out to save it.
Iran is the only Muslim nation in the Middle East seeking to develop nuclear technology.
Women do not have equal rights in Israel.
Israel's policy of targeted killings is immoral and counterproductive.
Israel does not support humanitarian development and sustainablity in the Palestinian territories.
Israel is whitewashing history to promote the judaization of Jerusalem.
The State Department knows the capital of Israel.
Israeli policy has caused an exodus of Christians from the West Bank.
The United States is committed to ensuring a complete halt to the Iranian nuclear program.
Israel's new unity government reduces the prospect for continued peace negotiations with the Palestinians.
Palestinians no longer object to the creation of Israel.
Mahmoud Abbas has rooted out corruption from the Palestinian Authority.
The rise of Islamists in Egypt's government does not pose a strategic threat to Israel.
The Palestinian Authority promotes a culture of tolerance and peace toward Israel.
EgyptianIsraeli security cooperation is at it weakest point in years.
Israel is culpable in the 2003 death of American activist Rachel Corrie.
Intelligence about Iran's nuclear program may be as faulty as the information about Iraq's.
We will know when Iran has a bomb and can take action at that time.
Iran should be allowed a nuclear weapon since Israel has one.
AntiSemitism is on the decline around the world.
Iran does not believe it can win a nuclear war.
Iran wants to control its nuclear stockpile and would never give a bomb or nuclear material to terrorists.
We are seeing accurate media coverage from Gaza.
Israel is deliberately targeting the media.
Israel's war in Gaza was immoral because more Palestinians died than Israelis.
The Israeli construction plan called the E1 project threatens the twostate solution and the contiguity of a future Palestinian state.
Israeli policies are obstructing peace.
If Iran has a bomb, it can be deterred the way the U.S. deterred the Soviet Union.
Israeli settlements are an obstacle to Mideast peace.
The Palestinians are now ready to make peace with Israel.
Attacking Iran will create more instability in the Middle East.
If the IsraeliPalestinian conflict was solved, the Middle East would be at peace.
Israel has created separate bus lines to segregate Jews and Palestinians.
The European Union has no reason to name Hezbollah a terrorist organization.
Nonlethal Palestinian rocket attacks have no impact on Israel's civilian population.
Israelis overreact to harmless rockthrowing by Palestinians.
The Palestinian Authority is committed to reforming Palestinian society.
Now is a good time to revive the Arab peace initiative.
Syria’s chemical weapons pose no threat outside of Syria.
Israel has refused to discuss a compromise on the future of Jerusalem.
'Nakba Day' has nothing to do with the peace process.
An Israeli attack on Iran would endanger U.S. interests in the Middle East.
The United States helped Israel defeat the Arabs in six days in June 1967.
The election of Hassan Rouhani eliminates the Iranian nuclear threat.
The U.S. must be involved in any successful peace process between Israel and her neighbors.
Israel 'occupies' the West Bank.
Palestinian leaders enter peace talks with Israel sharing a common desire for democacy.
Israel must make concessions for the peace process to succeed.
Christians are a protected minority in the Middle East.
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is disinterested in peace with the Palestinians.
Palestinians support the boycott and divestment movement against Israel.
Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei issued a fatwa against producing nuclear weapons.
Iran is isolated because of the international sanctions regime.
Israel is responsible for expelling the Arabs of Palestine during the 1948 War of Independence.
The Palestinians have made concessions to advance the peace process; Israel has remained uncompromising.
A third intifada will erupt if Israel does not satisfy Palestinian demands.
The negotiated compromise with Iran removes Tehran's nuclear weapons threat.
The Iranian government is committed to fulfilling the terms it agreed to in the Geneva nuclear deal
Following Operation Protective Edge Hamas abandoned its goal of destroying Israel. 
European recognition of 'Palestine' will advance the peace process. 
Muslims recognize the Temple Mount as sacrosanct to Muslims and Jews. 
Israel denies medical treatment to its enemies. 
Palestinians support the boycott and divestment movements against Israel.
Iran has moderated its hostility and should be an ally in the fight against ISIS.  
All nations have the same policy about avoiding civilian casualties in war. 
The Palestinian's Peace Negotiator wants peace. 
The Palestinian Authority believes in a secular Palestinian state.  
UN peacekeepers can be relied upon to keep the peace between Israel and its neighbors. 
Iran is an ally in the fight against the Muslim extremist group ISIS.
Israel was responsible for the 2014 war with Hamas. 
Israel should now accept the Arab Peace Initiative. 
Israel must end its illegal blockade of Gaza to end the war with Hamas.
There are no terrorist attacks on Israel originating from the West Bank anymore. 
UNRWA is a humanitarian organization that remains neutral in the conflict.
Journalists are never deceived by Palestinian propaganda.
Hamas never endangers Palestinian civilians; it is the Israelis who target them. 
Hamas is firing rockets at Israel to end the 'occupation.' 
Israel is indiscriminately attacking Palestinian targets in Gaza.
Summer camp for Palestinians in Gaza is a fun escape for children like American camps.
Human rights organizations use reliable information in reports criticizing Israel.
Human rights organizations present unbiased reports on Israel.
Mosques are sacrosanct and never used by terrorists.
HamasFatah reconciliation paves the way to peace negotiations with Israel.
Jonathan Pollard's conviction for espionage proved that Israel works against American interests. 
The Arab world and Palestinians have changed since the three ‘noes’ of 1967. 
The Palestinians have recognized Israel as the state of the Jewish people.
If Israel makes peace with the Palestinians the other Arab states will normalize ties with Israel. 
The Palestinian Authority no longer engages in terrorism against Israel. 
Jews will be welcome in a future Palestinian state. 
Arab militaries do everything possible to protect civilians in war zones. 
Academic boycotts of Israel are popular in America. 
Palestinian workers suffer under Israeli rule. 
Mahmoud Abbas never turned down a peace offer from Israel. 
The terrorist atrocities in Paris are completely different from the violence by Palestinians against Israelis.
Israel is framing Palestinians for murder to justify shooting them and then leaving the wounded to die. 
Prime Minister Netanyahu has backtracked on Prime Minister Rabin's positions regarding peace with the Palestinians. 
Israel boycotts Palestinian academics. 
The Western Wall is a part of AlAqsa Mosque.
Iran's missile research does not violate UN sanctions or the nuclear agreement.
Muslims revere the AlAqsa Mosque and treat it with the respect it deserves.
Israel remains the only Middle East country with a separation fence. 
Summer is a time for Palestinian children to enjoy camp like Israelis and Americans. 
There are no terrorist attacks on Israel originating from the West Bank anymore.
The Israeli government wants to destroy the alAsqa mosque. 
Israel praises terrorists who attack Palestinians.
The Palestinians' top priority is peace with Israel. 
The United States, the West and America’s regional allies were the big winners in the Iran deal. 
Israel is exaggerating the threat of a radical Islamic takeover of the West Bank to avoid territorial compromise. 
The Iran deal reported in the media is the best the West can get. 
Israel was guilty of war crimes during the 2014 Gaza War. 
The IDF commits attrocities because former soldiers from 'Breaking the Silence' say so. 
Jerusalem is not Israel's capital.
Abbas is finally prepared to negotiate with Israel.
The Pope considers Mahmoud Abbas an 'angel of peace'. 
Myths & Facts Regarding the 'Framework Deal' With Iran.
Palestinian reconciliation makes the Palestinian Authority a partner for peace. 
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposes the creation of a Palestinian state.
Israeli Arabs have been denied political representation in the Knesset. 
Israel systematically violated the laws of war during Operation Protective Edge.  
Israel opened dams to flood Gaza. 
Reported negotiations with Iran will make the Middle East safer.
The Palestinian public opposes terrorism and supports negotiations with Israel.
Palestinians all support asking the UN to recognize Palestine. 
A Palestinian state will not be part of the Islamic State's caliphate. 
Muslims are encouraged to visit Israel and meet Israelis. 
The International Criminal Court will inevitably indict Israelis for war crimes in Gaza. 
The Palestinian application to join the International Criminal Court is a response to Israels failure to negotiate peace. 
Israelis overwhelmingly support withdrawal from the West Bank. 
Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign assistance. 
Jews have no historical connection to Jerusalem.
Israel is the obstacle to peace. 
Israel 'occupies' the West Bank. 
Israel must dismantle all the settlements or peace is impossible.
Palestinian swimmers have no access to Olympic size pools. 
The Iran nuclear deal is working as expected. 
Iran has moderated its hostility and should be an ally in the fight against ISIS.
Palestinians oppose terrorism. 
Israel is illegally demolishing Palestinian homes built with EU funds. 
American policy toward the IsraeliPalestinian conflict should be evenhanded.
Israel's rejection of the French peace initiative proves it does not want peace. 
Convicted Palestinian terrorists do not receive payments from the Palestinian Authority. 
Muslim terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. 
The Palestinians have aboriginal rights to Palestine. 
Human rights activists care deeply about the Palestinian people. 
The United States has the formula to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians. 
Hezbollah is only a threat to Syria. 
The media is accurately portraying the current wave of violence against Israelis. 
The Palestinians are now ready for peace talks. 
The Palestinian Authority prevents and condemns terrorism. 
Labeling products manufactured in West Bank settlements promotes peace. 
Israel discriminates against its Arab citizens. 
Palestinians would never do anything to help Israeli settlements.