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Myths & Facts
Chapter 19: The Campaign to Delegitimize Israel

By: Mitchell G. Bard

Online exclusives in bold.

Anti-Semitism is a result of Israeli policies.
Supporters of Israel only criticize Arabs and never Israelis.
Academic freedom means any criticism of Israel is permissible in a university.
American universities should divest from companies that do business in Israel
Advocates for Israel try to silence critics by labeling them anti-Semitic.
The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement originated with Palestinians seeking to promote peace and justice.
Campus delegitimization campaigns are successful.
The BDS movement advocates peace and a two-state solution.
The BDS campaign has succeeded in isolating Israel.
Selective boycotts advance prospects for Palestinian-Israeli peace.
Academic boycotts are popular in America.
Labeling products manufactured in West Bank settlements promotes peace. [Updated]
The BDS movement convinced Microsoft to divest from the Israeli company AnyVision.
The international definition of anti-Semitism stifles criticism of Israel.
The UN blacklist of companies operating in the disputed territories will promote peace.
Opposition to the anti-Semitic BDS campaign divided Democrats.
Israel has no right to detain BDS activists
Talking about Israel’s positive treatment of gays is pinkwashing.
Israel is unreasonably barring BDS supporters from Israel.
Anti-boycott legislation violates the First Amendment.
A new segregated road proves Israel is like Afrikaner South Africa.
Israel’s chaotic elections prove it is not a democracy.
The Miss Universe pageant in Israel should be boycotted.
Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.