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Myths & Facts
Chapter 9: Terrorism

By: Mitchell G. Bard

Online exclusives in bold

Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount caused the Palestinian War.
Israel created Hamas. [Updated]
Palestinians do not encourage children to engage in terror.
Palestinian women become suicide bombers because of their commitment to liberate’ Palestine.
Palestinians are allowed freedom of speech by the Palestinian Authority.
Israel’s policy of targeted killings is immoral and counterproductive.
Israel indiscriminately murders terrorists and Palestinian civilians.
Israel was guilty of war crimes in the 2014 Gaza War.
Israel praises terrorists who attack Palestinians.
The Palestinian Authority prevents and condemns terrorism
Palestinians resort to terrorism out of frustration with their plight.
Palestinian terrorists only attack Israelis; they never assault Americans.
Palestinian violence is only directed at Israeli “settlers.”
Terrorism directed at Israel is motivated by politics, not religion.
Palestinians oppose terrorism.
Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas are freedom fighters. [Updated]
Palestinian terrorism is a byproduct of the 'cycle of violence' perpetuated by Israel.
Jordan has not resisted a U.S. extradition request for a terrorist who killed Americans.
Designating Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group is “Islamophobic.”
The Palestinian Authority places the welfare of the public over paying terrorists.
The Palestinian Authority has stopped payments to terrorists.
The “Great March of Return” has been successful.
Threats of terrorism against Israel are restricted to Gaza.
EU funding for Palestinians doesn’t support terrorists.
Israel used disproportionate force in Operation Guardian of the Wall.

Israel tried to silence journalists by bombing their headquarters in Gaza.
Israel intentionally killed 248 innocent Palestinians during Operation Guardian of the Wall.