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Myths & Facts
Chapter 12: Human Rights

By: Mitchell G. Bard

Online exclusives in bold

Arabs cannot be anti--Semitic as they are themselves Semites.
Jews who lived in Islamic countries were well treated.
As ‘People of the Book,’ Jews and Christians are protected under Islamic law. [Updated]
Modern Arab nations have never been anti--Jewish.
Israel discriminates against its Arab citizens.
Israeli Arabs are barred from buying land in Israel.
Arabs held in Israeli jails are tortured, beaten and killed.
Israel treats Palestinians the way the Afrikaner government treated blacks in South Africa.
Israel's policy toward Palestinians is comparable to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews.
Israel uses checkpoints to deny Palestinians their rights and to humiliate them.
Israeli checkpoints prevent Palestinians from receiving medical attention.
Israeli textbooks are just as hateful as those in the Palestinian Authority.
Israel is a theocracy and should not be a Jewish State.
Israel persecutes Christians. [Updated]
Hamas respects the rights of Palestinian Christians.
Israel denies Palestinians basic rights and freedoms.
The Goldstone Report proved Israel was guilty of war crimes in Gaza.
Israel’s blockade of Gaza is collective punishment.
The Palestinian Authority promotes a culture of tolerance and peace toward Israel.
Israel is denying COVID-19 vaccines to Palestinians.
Israel destroyed a Palestinian COVID-19 testing center.
Israelis should be prosecuted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.
Israelis overreact to harmless rock-throwing by Palestinians.
Israel closed mosques to exploit the COVID-19 outbreak.
Israel prevents Gazans from getting equipment and treatment to fight COVID-19.
Israel refuses to help Palestinians contain the coronavirus. 

Israel opens dams to flood Palestinian territories.
Israeli settlers kidnapped and executed a Palestinian child in January 2020.
The Holocaust was not unique to Jews; Palestinians are also victims of genocide.
Israelis should be prosecuted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.
Rejoining the Human Rights Council will allow the U.S. to reform the organization.
Palestinians have the right to sell land to Jews.

Palestinians are fairly distributing COVID vaccines.
Women’s rights are protected by the Palestinian Authority.
The Palestinian Authority doesn’t threaten Palestinian Americans.
Human Rights Watch has proven Israel is an “apartheid” state.
Israel is illegally evicting Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah.
Israel is engaged in the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians.
The Nation State Law proves Israel is undemocratic and discriminates against Arabs.
Israel is trying to silence Palestinian human rights groups.
Palestinians do not violate the human rights of their people.

Israel’s “occupation” should be treated like Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.