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Myths & Facts
Chapter 15: The Peace Process

By: Mitchell G. Bard

Online exclusives in bold.

Anwar Sadat deserves all of the credit for the Egyptian--Israeli peace treaty.
Solving the Palestinian question will bring peace to the Middle East.
A Palestinian state will pose no danger to Israel.
Jews will be welcome in a future Palestinian state.
If Israel ends the occupation, there will be peace. [Updated]
The Palestinians have never been offered a state of their own.
Barak’s proposals did not offer the Palestinians a viable state.
The Palestinians are being asked to accept only 22 percent of Palestine.
Israel should be replaced by a binational state.
The Palestinian education system promotes peace with Israel.
Palestinians no longer object to the creation of Israel. [Updated]
The Palestinians have given up their dream of destroying Israel.
Palestinians are justified in using violence to achieve their national aspirations.
Palestinians never fabricate stories about Israeli atrocities.
Israel’s refusal to withdraw from the Golan Heights prevents peace with Syria.
Israel’s occupation of Lebanese territory is the only impediment to the conclusion of a peace treaty with Lebanon.
Israel’s refusal to share water with its neighbors could provoke the next war.
The Arab peace initiative reflects Arab acceptance of Israel and the best hope for peace.
Palestinians would prefer to live in a Palestinian state.
Mahmoud Abbas is a moderate politician interested in compromise.
Palestinians are driven to terror by poverty and desperation.
Israel must negotiate with Hamas.
The Palestinian Authority believes in a secular Palestinian state.
Netanyahu backtracked on Rabin’s positions regarding peace with the Palestinians.
The Palestinians’ top priority is peace with Israel.
The Palestinians have recognized Israel as the state of the Jewish people.
Palestinian maps reflect their goal of coexistence with Israel.
Palestinians believe in nonviolence and a two-state solution.
Palestinian leaders oppose normalization with Israel.
Palestinians do not spread conspiracy theories about Israel.
The UAE betrayed the Palestinians by establishing relations with Israel.
Israel plans to create “Bantustans” for the Palestinians.
The Trump plan would create a Palestinian state surrounded by Israel.

Trump’s peace plan provoked upheaval in the Palestinian Authority and Arab world.
Jews will be allowed to live in a future Palestinian state.
The Palestinian public supports a two-state solution.
Netanyahu backtracked on Rabin’s positions regarding peace with the Palestinians. 
A Palestinian state will be democratic.
Palestinian teachers are making a positive contribution to peacemaking.
Israel has no justification for applying Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley.

Support for the Palestinians is growing as reflected by aid to the PA.
Upcoming elections will produce new pro-peace Palestinian leadership.
The Abraham Accords were a betrayal of the Palestinians.
The Jews are responsible for the “Nakba” and “Nakba Day” is unrelated to peace.