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Letters from Prime Minister Peres to President Reagan and Secretary of State Shultz

(September 12, 1986)

The United States hailed the Alexandria summit as a very positive step. In fact, its own role in arranging the summit and its efforts in bringing about the signing of the Taba compromis were noted by the prime minister in his letters to the two American leaders. A week later Mr. Peres visited Washington, last time as prime minister, and held talks with the president and the secretary of state. In New York he met with Soviet Foreign Minister Shevardnadze.

Letter to President Reagan:

Jerusalem, September 12, 1986

Dear Ron,

"Upon returning from Alexandria at the conclusion of the summit meeting with President Mubarak, I wish to express sincere gratitude for your personal support and your Administration's constructive involvement.

"In assisting Egypt and Israel to open a new era in their bilateral relations and a new opportunity to energize the peace process, you have made a major contribution to the peoples of our region in the cause of peace.

"I look forward to the opportunity to share with you on Monday my impressions and conclusions from the constructive discussions with President Mubarak as well as some thought about the next step.

In sincere friendship,

Shimon Peres

President Ronald Reagan

White House, Washington D.C."

Letter to Secretary Shultz:

Jerusalem, September 12, 1986

Dear George,

"Having just returned from Alexandria, I wish to thank you for your personal role in facilitating the new chapter in our regional history.

"Over this brief 24 hours, we have been reinforced in our conviction that ending five years or less-than-satisfactory communications between Egypt and Israel was a critical prerequisite for any attempt to revitalize the peace process. Moreover, the specific contribution made in this meeting in our bilateral relations will enhance the prospects for a better future for all residents of our region.

"I wish to acknowledge specifically the personal contribution of distinguished senior officials of the U.S. Department of State who spared no effort over long months in undertaking to bridge gaps between Egypt and Israel's respective positions relative to the Taba issue. They are our friends: Abe Sofaer, Dick Murphy and Allan Kretzhko, as well as Dan Kurtzer. Please accept and convey to them our most sincere gratitude.

"I look forward to the opportunity to share with you on Monday some thoughts about the future of the peace process as well as other important regional and bilateral issues.

In friendship,

Shimon Peres

Secretary of State George Shultz

Washington, D.C."

Source: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs