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War of Independence: Agreement for the Demilitarization of the Mount Scopus Area

(July 7, 1948)

To preserve the Hebrew University campus, the National Jewish Library and the Hadassah Hospital, Israel agreed to the demilitarisation of Mount Scopus. Under the agreement, Israeli policemen supervised the major part of Mount Scopus, and until 1967 it remained an Israeli enclave surrounded by Jordanian-held territory.

7 July 1948 Agreement for the Demilitarisation of Mount Scopus Area

It is hereby jointly agreed that

1. The area as delineated on the attached map will be assigned to United Nations protection until hostilities cease or a new agreement is entered upon. It shall include the areas designated as Hadassah Hospital, Hebrew University, Augusta Victoria and the Arab village of Issawiya. The United Nations agrees to become a signatory to this document by representation through the Senior Observer in the Jerusalem area and the Chairman of the Truce Commission. It therefore accepts responsibility for the security of this area as described herewith.

2. There shall be a no-man's-land location extending for approximately 200 yards along the main road between the Augusta Victoria and Hebrew University buildings, with suitable check-posts established at each end. Other check-posts will be established on the perimeter of the zone under protection, and all parties agree that access desired should be sought along the main road via the United Nations check-posts as established by the United Nations Commander. All other attempts at entry will be considered as unlawful invasion and treated accordingly.

3. In their respective areas armed Arab and Jewish civilian police will be placed on duty under the United Nations Commander. The United Nations flag will fly on the main buildings. All military personnel of both sides will be withdrawn this day, together with their equipment and such other supplies as are not required by the United Nations Commander.

4. The United Nations will arrange that both parties receive adequate supplies of food and water. Replacements of necessary personnel in residence on Mount Scopus will be scheduled by the United Nations Commander. Visits of properly accredited individuals will also be arranged by the United Nations Commander in consultation with each party in respect of its area. The United Nations undertakes to limit the population on Mount Scopus to those individuals needed for its operation, plus the present population of the village of Issawiya. No additions will be made to the village population except by agreement of both parties. The initial personnel roster of civilian police in the Jewish section shall not exceed a total of 85. The civilian personnel attached thereto shall not exceed a total of 33. The Arab civilian police population at Augusta Victoria shall not exceed a total of 40.

5. It is hereby agreed by both parties that the area is not to be used as a base for military operations, nor will it be attacked or unlawfully entered upon.

6. In the event that the Arab Legion withdraws from the area, the United Nations Commander is to be given sufficient advanced notice in writing in order that satisfactory arrangements may be made to substitute for this protocol another agreement.



Arab Military Commander


Jewish Military Commander, for Provisional Government, State of Israel

Jean Nieuwenhuys

Chairman, Truce Commission, United Nations

Nils Brunsson

Senior Observer, Mediator's Jerusalem Group, United Nations

Source: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs