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Israel Defense Forces: Israel's Security Doctrine

Basic Points

· Israel cannot afford to lose a single war

· Defensive on the strategic level, no territorial ambitions.

· Desire to avoid war by political means and a credible deterrent posture.

· Preventing escalation.

· Determine the outcome of war quickly and decisively.

· Combating terrorism.


Defensive Strategy - Offensive Tactics

· Prepare for Defense

· A small standing army with an early warning capability, regular air force and navy.

· An efficient reserve mobilization and transportation system.

· Move to Counter­Attack

· Multi­arm coordination.

· Transferring the battle to enemy's territory quickly.

· Quick attainment of war objectives.


· Intelligence

· High capability to destroy mobile targets.

· Long­range capabilities.

· Anti­missile defense.

· All­weather and low­visibility capabilities.

· Advanced training systems.

Main Areas of Activity

· Continuous high state of readiness for war.

· Anti­terrorist warfare.

· Combating terrorism by Palestinian rejectionist groups.

· Building the armed forces for the future battlefield.

Sources: Israel Defense Forces