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Camp David Negotiations: The Delegations

(September 1978)

Cramped accommodations forced each negotiating team to severely limit their delegations.
The following is a complete list of all those who represented the three parties.
United States
Prime Minister
Jimmy Carter
Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Moshe Dayan
Foreign Minister
Walter Mondale
Vice President
Boutros Ghali
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
Defense Minister
Cyrus Vance
Secretary of State
Osama el-Baz
Under Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Aharon Barak
Attorney General
Zbigniew Brzezinski
National Security Advisor
Ashraf Ghorbal
Ambassador to the United States
Major General Avraham Tamir
Director of Army Planning Branch
Hamilton Jordan
Presidential Staff
Ahmed Maher
Director of the Foreign Minister's Cabinet
Simcha Dinitz
Ambassador to the United States
Jody Powell
Presidential Press Secretary
Abdul Rauf el-Reedy
Director of Policy Planning
Meir Rosenne
Legal Adviser to the Foreign Ministry
Harold Saunders
Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs
Nabil el-Araby
Legal Director of Foreign Ministry
Elyakim Robenstein
Assistant Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Alfred Atherton

Ambassador at Large
Ahmed Abou el-Gheite
Office of the Foreign Ministry
Dan Pattir
Public Affairs Adviser to the Prime Minister
Hermann Eilts
Ambassador to Egypt
Samuel Lewis
Ambassador to Israel
William Quandt
National Security Council
Secretary of Defense

Sources: Camp David Accords — Framework for Peace