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Israeli Understanding to End Violence

Israeli Statement:

During a meeting held tonight in Gaza, an understanding was reached between Israel and the Palestinian Authority concerning a number of steps, on the basis of the understandings of Sharm el-Sheikh, which are supposed to bring about a renewal of the security cooperation and a cessation of the violence and incitement.

This understanding has brought about a freezing of the responsive measures that were discussed tonight by the cabinet, for the purpose of utilizing the chance to stop the violence.

Participating in the meeting on the Israeli side were minister Shimon Peres and bureau chief, advocate Gilead Sher. Prime Minister Barak thanked minister Peres and expressed his hope that this would bring an end to the violence.

Palestinian Statement:

Understanding was reached last night between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli Government which states that both sides will do their best to implement the Sharm el-Sheikh understanding as stated by President Clinton and President Mubarak.

The Palestinian leadership which has always proved its concern to implement mutual commitments is monitoring closely the degree which the Israeli side is implementing its commitment of withdrawing the occupation forces and military detachments from all the areas, cities and residential centers which were occupied or raided after September 28, and stopping its attacks against our unarmed people and terminating all forms of siege.

The Palestinian Leadership deems it an essential element that the Israeli Government deter and stop the settlers from perpetrating this continuous crimes against our people. This is an essential element to stop the attacks, violence and terrorism that our people are still subject to.

The Palestinian Leadership which has always been concerned for maintaining the peaceful and popular Intifadah and has practiced self-constraint through the past phase of continuous attacks and violations, calls on the struggling masses and its national forces to observe their united position and to continue their popular expression, adhering to the peaceful means in all their activities and forms of national action. This is an affirmation of our people's insistence to achieve their legitimate national rights and the implementation of international legitimacy resolutions as well as reaching a just and comprehensive peace.

Realizing the Peace of the Brave that provides security, peace and justice to all the people of the region, entails affirming practical commitments to the international legitimacy resolutions which are the terms of reference of the peace process which says U.N. resolutions 242, 338 and 194 will be implemented and the full Israeli withdrawal to the 4th of June 1967 lines and a guarantee of Palestinians right to return and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: CNN, (November 2, 2000)