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Nazi Propaganda: Caricatures From Der Stürmer

Julius Streicher, one of Adolf Hitler's earliest followers and founder of the  anti-Semitic organization Deutsch-Soziale Partei, was responsible for the publication of Der Stürmer, a propaganda leaflet. Nazi Propaganda artwork was often used as cover artwork. During the Third Reich, Stürmer display cases were found all over Germany.

Der StŸrmer caricature

Title: Immunization

Caption: It occurs to me that little good comes from poison or from Jews. [Streicher was suspicious of immunization]

February 1932 (Issue #6)

Der StŸrmer caricature

Title: Away with him

The long arm of the Ministry of Education pulls a Jewish teacher from his classroom.

March 1933 (Issue #12)

Der StŸrmer caricature

This cartoon was published five months after Hitler took power. The title is "Revenge." The Nazi who shoves the Jew over the cliff says: "Go where you wanted me to go, you evil spirit."

June 1933 (Issue #22)

Der StŸrmer caricature

Title: Resue Expedition

Caption: Good God, let's try to find one corner of the earth where no one reads Der Stürmer.

May 1934 (Issue #18)

Der StŸrmer caricature

Title: Loyalty

Caption: The sword will not be sheathed.
The Stürmer stands as ever
In battle for the people and the Fatherland.
It fights the Jews becaue it loves the people.

November 1935 (Issue # 48)

Der StŸrmer caricature

Title: Unfruitful

Caption: They belong to the church, she belongs to Satan. Both are lost to the German race."

July 1936 (Issue #20)

Der StŸrmer caricature

Title: The Decent Jew

The cartoon shows a Jew politely asking for room on the bench, after which he shoves the previous inhabitant off. The poem notes that Jews behave the same way in other situations.

July 1936 (Issue #28)

Der StŸrmer caricature
This is the freedom they promise us
The freedom we see where Judah rules,
Behind prison walls and bars,
Within a dark prison sits
A humanity that longs for true freedom
And longs for rescue and release.

17 June 1943 (Issue #25)

Der StŸrmer caricature
Title: Time
Caption: Pan-Judah sees that time is running out.
What does it have to gain?
As time passes, the strength of that is growing
That will bring order out of chaos.

3 February 1944 (Issue #5)

Der StŸrmer caricature

Title: Jewish Slaves

Caption: They are enslaved and ruined by the Jews.
Their joy and very soul is taken from them.
They long for Germany, where work enobles,
Where everyone recognizes its worth.

6 April 1944 (Issue #14)

Der StŸrmer caricature

Title: Why?

Caption: Why, for what purpose is the blood flowing?
Behind the scenes, the Jew grins.
That makes the answer clear:
They bleed for the Jews.

18 May 1944 (Issue #29)

Source: German Propaganda Archive. Translations copyright © 1998 by Randall Bytwerk.