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Hamas: "Glory Record"

(1988 - 1994)

1. Al-sabra Operation: Three Palestinian militants, Ala'a, Ahmed and Jameel Al:kurdy, attacked eight agents of the Israeli Intelligence at Al:sabra quarters in Gaza. Three Israelis were killed or injured before the Israeli forces were able to shoot down the three heroes as martyrs on 3 April 1988.

2. The Kibbutz Operation: The 22-year-old militant Ahmed Hussein Abdallah B'sharat stabbed 27-year-old David Dan'ely, the Israeli master sergeant, while the latter was guarding Kibbutz Metsa'a in the Jordan Valley on 7 October 1988. The militant was shot down as a martyr by another soldier who came to support the dead Dan'ely.

3. Boureen Operation: The militant Hamdan Hussein Al:najar, a member of Hamas, killed the Israeli settler Ya'coub Berey using a big rock as his weapon. The militant was shot down as a martyr after he had ambushed an Israeli patrol using the dead settler's weapon.

4. Kidnapping of two soldiers: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades kidnapped the Israeli sergeant Avey Saporets while he was standing at Joulus near the Hadai junction on 17 February 1989. The group disarmed the sergeant and took all his papers. He was then exterminated and disposed of. The Israeli forces were shocked by this daring operation, especially when another soldier was kidnapped on 3 May 1989-a sharp challenge against the Israeli security ideology. The Israelis were able to find the corpse of the first sergeant after an intensive investigation, however, they did not find the other corpse until seven days later.

5. Al-redwan Mosque Martyr Operation: Al Qassam Brigades decided to take revenge for their martyrs of Al:redwan Mosque on 18 May 1989. Although there was a total curfew in place, the 26-year-old militant Talal Saleem Al:a'araj was able to lead an Israeli patrol to a house after he had stoned them. They followed him into the house where he stabbed to death one soldier. When another soldier cried out for help, the remainder of the soldiers entered the house whereby the militant stabbed them all. Thereafter, they shot him down as a martyr.

6. Bus No. 405 Operation: Militant Ahmed Hussein Shukry, a member of Hamas, was able to lead an Israeli soldier to a secluded place in Tel Aviv where the militant hit the soldier with a chisel and killed him on 8 September 1989. The following day, the militant got on bus No. 405 and stabbed the driver to take over the bus; however, the passengers were able to stop the militant.

7. Al:sheikh Ejleen Operation: Three militants belonging to Al Qassam Brigades ambushed an Israeli patrol at Al:sheikh Ejleen on Monday, 13 November 1989and shot down two soldiers and ran away before the Israeli forces arrived.

8. Askar Old Camp Operation: The militant Sameer Mustafa Al:usta, a member of Hamas, drove a truck into an Israeli pedestrian patrol on 5 April 1989. He had been able to run over a group of Israeli soldiers before he was arrested by the Israeli forces, who admitted that the first lieutenant Alenx Furling was seriously injured.

9. Al-baqa'a Quarters Operation: After the massacre committed by the Israeli forces at Al Aqsa on 8 October 1989, the militant Amer Abu Sarhan, a member of Hamas, killed three Israeli soldiers and injured four more with a knife in Al:baqa'a in a fast reaction to this ferocious massacre. He was then caught by the Israeli forces because he was unable to move due to his injuries.

10. The Fuel Tank Operation: The militant Haithem Shafeeq, a member of Hamas, stabbed a 30-year-old Israeli soldier guarding a fuel tank at a gas station on Amman Street in Nablus on 30 October 1990 in revenge for the Al Aqsa massacre. Thereafter, the militant was shot down as a martyr by the Israeli forces.

11. Al-entelaqah Operation: Two militants-Ashraf Bal'oujy and Marwan Al-zayegh-were able to kill three Israelis in an aluminium factory in Gaza on 14 December 1990. The militants were able to escape although Bal'oujy was injured. The Israeli forces were shocked, and in retaliation they arrested more than 1,700 Palestinians suspected of being Hamas members.

12. Keryat Youval Operation: The militant Mohammed Mustafa Abu Jalala stabbed four Israelis and injured another at a bus station in Keryat Youval in Jerusalem before he was arrested by the Israeli forces.

13. Askalan Road Operation: While driving a taxi, the militant Jameel Ismail Al:baz, a member of Hamas, ran over a group of Israelis waiting on this road on 19 July 1991. He was able to kill corporal Nadaf Der'ey and injure another soldier. Then the militant was able to escape but he was later arrested by the Israeli forces.

14. Revenge Operation: The militant Rateb Zeidan, a member of Al Qassam Brigades, drove an Israeli mini-bus into a group of Israeli soldiers waiting at a bus stop on Tel Hashomeir junction on 11 October 1991; he killed 2 soldiers and injured 11.

15. Shailou Operation: A military group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades attacked an Israeli bus carrying some settlers on their way to Tel Aviv to participate in demonstrations organized by the extremist party Likud against the peace process. The bus was completely destroyed; two Israelis were killed and five more were injured.

16. Dier Al-balah Operation: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades ambushed the security officer of the settlements in Gaza, near Deir Al:balah, on 1 January 1992. The security officer, Doron Shoushan, was killed and the group withdrew safely.

17. Eid Al-maskhara Operation: The militant Ra'ed Al:reefy attacked an Israeli crowd in Jaffa on 17 March 1992. He was able to kill 2 and injure 21 Israelis who gathered to celebrate Eid Al:maskhara, also known as Al:boureem.

18. Beit Lahya Operation: On the third anniversary of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's arrest, a group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades attacked an Israeli settler at Beit Lahya and shot him down then withdrew safely.

19. Hai Al:sabra Operation: A commando group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades and members of Hamas attacked a large Israeli troop consisting of army soldiers, border guards and special forces at Hai Al:sabra in Gaza at 3 a.m. on Sunday, 24 May 1992. The Israeli forces used helicopters, lightening bombs and automatic weapons; it was announced that only one soldier had been killed; however, the residents said they saw eight dead bodies wrapped in black sacks used by the Israeli forces for this purpose. The three militants-Yaser Al:hasanat, Marwan Al:zayegh and Mohammed Qandeel-were martyred.

20. The Police Hotel Operation: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades used a car and attacked a group of Israeli policemen on 22 January 1992. One Israeli policeman was seriously injured and taken to Berezly Hospital in Askalan.

21. Carlo Factory Operation: Four militants belonging to Al Qassam Brigades broke into a citrus packing factory (Carlo) near Nahal Oaz at 2:30 p.m. on 25 June 1992. Three militants stabbed two Israelis while the other was guarding. The Hamas members wrote some slogans and considered this operation as a gift for Yitzhak Rabin on the occasion of winning the Israeli elections.

22. The Armed Attack on Two Military Posts: As part of the attrition war waged by Al Qassam Brigades, some members of Hamas attacked two military posts west of Khan Younis Camp on Saturday, 25 July 1992. The engagement lasted for 20 minutes and three Israelis were seriously injured; the group withdrew safely.

23. Bab Al-magharebeh Operation: The militant Salah Qara'een stabbed two Israeli policemen at Bab Al:magharebeh in Jerusalem on 30 July 1992. He killed one of them and injured the other. While he was taking the dead policeman's rifle, another policeman shot him down and martyred him.

24. Soldier Aloun Kervaty Being Kidnapped: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades was able to kidnap an Israeli soldier, Aloun Kervaty, near Al:breij Camp after they had disarmed him. They proceeded to exterminate him and threw his corpse near a gas station on 18 September 1992.

25. The French Hill Operation: The militant Mohammed Aref Bsharat, disguised as an Israeli policeman, attacked the general headquarters of the Israeli police on the French Hill on 22 September 1992. Upon entering the place, he was stopped by the police guard to be identified, so he killed the guard using an M-16 rifle and shot down the other Israelis present. He tried to escape by taking a car, but he was surprised to find that the car was carrying Palestinians so he left it. He was thereafter caught by the Israeli police.

26. Al Haram Al-Ibrahimy Operation: Two militants belonging to Al Qassam Brigades attacked an Israeli group near Al Haram (the Shrine) in Hebron. One of the militants attacked the group while the other was on guard. The Israeli forces admitted that only one Israeli was killed and another was injured although the Israeli authorities were shocked by this audacious and well-planned operation. Thereafter they arrested many members of Hamas.

27. Khan Younis Camp Operation: Three militants belonging to Al Qassam Brigades attacked the control posts west of Khan Younis on 30 October 1992. They were able to kill one Israeli soldier in the process. The militant Hisham Husny was seriously injured and passed away while in the hospital.

28. Al-sheikh Radwan Operation: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades shot down an Israeli soldier from their car at 20 metres while he was guarding a camp west of Al:sheikh Radwan in Gaza on 25 November 1992. The group had been able to withdraw safely before the Israeli forces fired back.

29. Al-shuja'eyeh Operation: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades ambushed an Israeli patrol on a highway near Beit Lahya north of Gaza on 7 December 1992. The militants' car overtook the patrol car and they were able to shoot down all the Israelis in the car. The group withdrew safely.

30. Al-hawooz Operation: On the sixth anniversary of Hamas foundation, a group of Al Aqsa Martyrs belonging to Al Qassam Brigades chased an Israeli Jeep in Hebron on 12 December 1992. The group fired at the Jeep near Al:hawooz (a large water reservoir) and shot down two Israelis and overturned the Jeep.

31. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Operation: A group belonging to Al Qassem Brigades confined the Israeli master sergeant Neseem Tolidano on 13 December 1992. The Red Crescent in Ramallah were notified that the captive could be released provided the Israeli forces released Al:sheikh Ahmed Yassin at 9 p.m., otherwise the captive would be exterminated. Yitzhak Rabin, the then-Israeli Prime Minister, refused this offer and gave orders to arrest more than 2,000 Palestinians, most of whom were sympathetic to Hamas. Consequently, the captive was exterminated and his corpse was thrown on the Jerusalem-Jericho highway two days later.

32. The Penetration of Shabak Operation: In an immediate reaction to the deportation of 400 Palestinians to Marj Al:zuhour in south Lebanon, a group of Tameem Al:adnany, which belonging to Al Qassam Brigades, were able to exterminate Captain Hayem Nehmany after he had been tricked into by the militant Maher Abu Srour who pretnted to be an agent of Al:shabak.he was able to meet the his flat where he exterminated him and took all his papers an weapons .The Israeli forces found out about the operation four days later.

33. Beit Sahour Operation: The militant Maher Abu Srour ambushed some Israeli soldiers guarding a fuel tanker in a gas station in Gaza while they were sitting in the station office on 19 January 1993. The driver was able to run away because the militant's rifle broke down and he was able to withdraw safely.

34. Khan Younis Martyrs Operation: Two militants were able to penetrate the electrified fence of the Jany Tal settlement where they ambushed an Israeli patrol guarding the area and shot down two soldiers from 5 metres and injured the officer who ran away. They were also able to take the soldier's gun, a Galeeli model.

35. Al-amal Quarters Operation: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades followed an Israeli soldier while he was driving east of Al:shuja'eyeh and shot him down on Friday, 12 February 1993. The group kept on driving inside the 1948-occupied territories where they encountered an Israeli Jeep and shot down the Israeli soldiers in it and withdrew safely, leaving the dead lying in their blood. The Israeli forces only admitted that two soldiers were injured as usual.

36. Al-khedeireh Operation: A militant belonging to Hamas ran down a group of Israeli soldiers waiting at a bus station at Al:khedeireh junction on 17 February 1993. Two Israeli soldiers were killed and the militant was able to withdraw safely.

37. Beit Sheimesh Operation: This operation aimed at kidnapping an Israeli soldier in exchange for some Palestinians confined by the Israelis, so a group kidnapped the Israeli soldier Yahushwa Fredburgh, who resisted and thus was killed; his corpse was thrown on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway after his M-16 weapon was confiscated.

38. Sheilou Operation: While the militant Saher Al:tamam, a member of Al Qassam Brigades, was driving his truck from Ramallah to Nablus on 15 March 1993, he saw two Israeli reserve officers waiting at the bus station of Sheilou, so he ran them over and withdrew safely.

39. Al-qassam Return to Al:sheikh Ejleen: Another daring operation was carried out by a member of Hamas at Al:sheikh Ejleen on 15 May 1993. This operation followed the operation on 1 November 1989 wherein a group of militants attacked an Israeli Jeep. However, the Israeli forces did not admit to any losses as usual.

40. Al-qarrareh Operation: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades ambushed an Israeli patrol near Al:qarrareh on the Khan Younis-Deir Al:balah highway on Wednesday, 17 March 1993. The group chased the patrol and shot its members down; the Jeep turned over.

41. The Third Deportation Operation: After three months of the deportation process, two militants belonging to Al Qassam Brigades ambushed an Israeli Jeep on 25 Ramadan (18 March 1993) in an immediate reaction to the Khan Younis massacre. The Israeli soldiers involved were shot down although the Israeli forces did not admit to any losses.

42. 27 Ramadan Operation: Hamas had taught the Israelis an unforgettable lesson, in particular Yitzhak Rabin, who discovered that the Al Qassam Brigade members were able to chase and frighten the Israeli soldiers. E'yoon Qara Martyrs' company ambushed an Israeli patrol in a Jeep on Saturday, 27 Ramadan 1413 H (20 March 1993) on the Trans-Al:samereh highway, which connects the Israeli settlements in the north. It took place on a sharp curve 1 km from Broukeen Alai Zahaf and Ara'eil, the two largest settlements in the north, at 8 p.m. The group shot down the soldiers in a Jeep guarding a bus carrying students. All the Israeli soldiers were either killed or seriously injured and the militants withdrew safely.

43. The Night of Al:qader Operation: The Israeli forces were really shocked by some daring operations, including Al:shuja'eyeh, Al:hawooz and the kidnapping of Neseim Tolidano, which meant that there were security weaknesses in the Israeli defence systems. Consequently, the Israeli forces forbade Palestinian vehicles to override the Israeli ones at night. They also forbade Israeli vehicles from wandering about certain places in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, especially Jabalia Camp, a hot spot and a source of danger to the Israeli forces. Despite this, Al Qassam Brigades ambushed two Jeeps north of block 12, near the Martyrs Cemetery, on 20 March 1993 and opened fire on them from only 5 metres away, killing three soldiers.

44. Al-qarrareh Junction Ambush: A commando group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades ambushed Israeli patrols at Al:qarrareh Junction, between Rafah and Khan Younis, on 29 Ramadan 1423 H (22 March 1993). The group was able to either kill or injure all the Israeli soldiers. Consequently, the Israeli forces blocked off the streets and checked the whole area where they found some documents belonging to Hamas.

45. Al-maghazy Camp Operation: Several operations were carried out during the holy month of Ramadan against the Israeli military posts in the middle zone. A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades fired at an Israeli vehicle on Tuesday, 23 May 1993. Several soldiers were killed and others were injured. As a result, the Israeli forces blocked up the area and admitted that only one soldier was injured and taken to Berzsly Hospital in Askalan.

46. Paris Street Operation: Hamas moved its operations to the northern areas where members of Al Qassam Brigades shot down some Israeli soldiers in their Jeep on Paris Street in Tulkarm, downtown at the old farmers' market, on Saturday, 27 May 1993. One Israeli was killed, but the group was able to withdraw safely. However, the Israeli forces, in retaliation, shot randomly at several Palestinians in the market and injured two of them.

47. Al-yarmouk Street Operation: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades attacked an Israeli patrol on Al:yarmouk Street in Gaza on Saturday, 27 May 1993. The Israeli soldiers were seriously injured and the group withdrew safely.

48. Al-wehdeh Street Operation: A group of Al Qassam Brigades suddenly attacked an Israeli patrol while passing Al:wehdeh Street in Gaza at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, 5 Shawal 1413 H (28 March 1993). An Israeli soldier was injured and the group withdrew safely.

49. Martyr Hatem Al:muzein Operation: Despite the intensive existence of the Israeli forces, the Curfew and the military siege, a member of Al Qassam Brigades stabbed a 38-year-old Israeli settler, Sha'ya Doytch, from Kfar Yam, a settlement of Ghosh Qateif at 7:00 a.m., while he was working at his greenhouse west of Jan Oar. He was taken to Sarouka Hospital in Beir Sheiba'a, but he died one hour later.

50. Yawm Al-ard (Day of the Land) Operation: The special forces of Al Qassam Brigades went out to hunt down Israeli soldiers on Tuesday, 30 March 1993. While the group was passing Telmy Ale'azar junction in their white Ford, they saw two Israeli policemen relaxing in their patrol vehicle. The group shot them down through the windows, took their papers and then withdrew safely.

51. Mehoula Operation: While the deported Palestinians sent to Marj Al:zuhour were marching in the shroud procession to Zamria borders post-protesting their deportation and the ignoring of their demands to go back home, the militant Saher Al:tamam attacked two Israeli buses in front of a coffee shop in Mehula near Beesan, where several Israeli soldiers were waiting on Friday, 26 April 1993. Several soldiers were killed and injured; the militant was martyred.

52. Hai Al-tuffah Operation: The Israeli forces besieged Hai al-tuffah to arrest the militant Zakaria Shurbajy, the lion of the resistance, who was hiding there. They chased him from one house to another, but he was able to join four other heroes belonging to Suqour Fateh whereby they used their pistols and rifles to engage the Israeli forces in a severe battle, killing three Israeli soldiers. The militant was martyred, and the Israeli forces destroyed several houses while chasing them.

53. Beilou Junction Operation: The special forces belonging to Al Qassam Brigades went out to kidnap Israeli soldiers on 6 May 1993 to be used as a bargaining chip for Palestinian captives, especially Al:sheikh Ahmed Yassin. On their way, the forces observed an Israeli police vehicle so one of the group approached the vehicle to kidnap Colonel Jawalmeh, a chief of the civil guards. The Colonel was shot down through the window because the door was closed and the Israeli forces admitted that the Colonel was only seriously injured.

54. Al-anabtawy Building Operation: "This incident has been the most serious and consequential one and it will be investigated thoroughly", said the chief-in-command of the joint staff of the Israeli army when he was informed of this daring operation. The three militants were able to kill two Israeli soldiers, take their weapons and withdraw safely. The Israeli forces admitted that only one non-commissioned officer was killed and another was slightly injured.

55. The Joint Operation: In an immediate reaction to the execution of six members of Al Qassam Brigades and the martyrinig of four Suqour Fateh members, a joint group of both formations ambushed a group of Israeli merchants in a settlement located on the Khan Younis Sea on 16 May 1993. When the merchants arrived at the scene of the operation, the militants shot them down, took their papers and left the place safely, which caused Rabin to suffer a lot.

56. The Revenge Operation: As soon as the Israeli forces announced the execution of the six heroes, Al Qassam Brigade militants put explosives in a 15-storey shopping centre in Tel Aviv on 16 May 1993. The building was completely destroyed and several Israelis were killed and others injured. The Israeli forces admitted that one Israeli had been killed and 40 were injured as a result of a gas bottle explosion in order to cover up the operation.

57. Wady Al-khaleel Operation: The Israeli forces prepared to chase a group of militants in the area on 19 May 1993 by deploying more than 1,000 soldiers aided by tanks, helicopters and powerful spotlights. Consequently, two of the militants-Hatem Al:muhtaseb and Ya'coub Mutaw'e-engaged in battle with these forces so that 16 of the militants were able to escape the military siege. The Israeli forces could not defeat the two militants although the fight lasted for ten hours. Consequently, the Israeli forces were forced to bomb the whole area in order to kill the heroes who had already killed 3 Israelis and injured 11 while hiding in a deserted house.

58. Al-sudanyeh Point Operation: Two commando groups ambushed an Israeli Jeep carrying four soldiers in addition to the driver and an officer patrolling a military post west of Al-sheikh Radwan on Al-nasr Street at 8:40 p.m, on Friday, 28 May 1993. As the Jeep was turning west toward Al:sudaneyeh Point, the group shot down the soldiers who could not fire back except for one soldier. While the group was withdawing, they encountered three patrol vehicles in front of Jaffa Secondary Girls' School at Hai al-tuffah, and took the time to shoot seven Israelis before withdrawing back home safely after a 12-minute fight.

59. Hai Al-mashahreh Battle: Two groups belonging to Al Qassam Brigades ambushed an Israeli patrol at Hai Qarqash (Al:mashahreh) and attacked it using automatic weapons and manual bombs at 4:00 a.m. on 30 May 1993. While the militants were withdrawing, they were taken by surprise by Israeli aids so one group engaged in battle with the forces and the other group kept on withdrawing. The Israeli forces destroyed 15 houses in order to force the group to surrender, but it continued fighting despite the use of helicopters and tanks. After a 12-hour battle in which the Israeli forces used reconnaissance pilotless aircraft, the militants Ibraheem Ashour and Mohammed Seyam were martyred and Ra'ed Al:halaq fell unconscious.

60. The Coastal Highway Operation: The Israelis were shocked by this daring operation after they had been daydreaming of arresting the special forces. The chosen unit, which belonged to Al Qassam Brigades, attacked an Israeli Jeep on the Coastal Highway between Khan Younis and Deir Al:balah. When the target Jeep arrived at the firing range, the group shot the soldier next to the driver and another one in the back of the Jeep, so the driver ran away and the group could not get the soldiers' papers and guns. While Withdrawing, the group encountered a military checkpoint, and the militant Jameel Al:wady shot an officer down before the former was martyred.

61. The Two Martyrs, Hatem Al-muhtaseb and Ya'coub Mutaw'e Operation: It was a violent clap for Rabin when a commando group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades hijacked a bus on HI-25 west of Jerusalem at 7:30 a.m. on 1 July 1993 during the rush hour. The group was able to penetrate the security siege and reached the target bus from 100 metres from the Israeli police headquarters. However, the passengers were able to leave the bus because something wrong happened and so the group engaged in battle with the Israeli forces. Meanwhile, the militants Maher Abu Srour and Mohammed Al-hindy hijacked another car driven by an Israeli lady after the militant Othman Saleh had been injured. They bombed the car and all three were killed in addition to another Israeli soldier and lady that were on the bus. The militant Othman Saleh was taken captive although he was unconscious and kept saying "Allahu Akbar" while the Israeli forces were investigating him. A manifest was found on him with the following demands:

A. The bus must be driven to the Lebanese borders.
B. Al:sheikh Ahmed Yassin must be safely released immediately.
C. Fifty captives belonging to Hamas, 50 belonging to the other Palestinian formations such as Fateh, Al:jehad Al:Islamy and the Democratic Front, etc., must be released.
D. Al-sheikh Abdelkareem Obeid must also be released.

62. Al-sheikh Ahmed Yassin Operation: To be faithful to the great militant Ahmed Yassin, the Sheikh Tameem Al:adnany group was able to kidnap the Israeli soldier Yaroun Chain in a truck north of Jerusalem. The Israeli soldier suspected the situation and was therefore exterminated. His corpse was burned in a car after they had taken his rifle (a Galilee) near Beitounia, southwest of Ramallah. The Israeli forces were not able to catch the hero militants.

64. Deir Ballout Operation: The Israeli security siege around the West Bank and Gaza Strip failed due to the daring operations carried out by Hamas. Three militants riding in a Peugeot approached an Israeli military post at Al:qana settlement near Deir Ballout. They shot down two Israeli soldiers and injured another. A marksman was lurking near the post of the militant Adnan Azeez Mar'ee and was able to injure Mohammed Rayan, who was taken captive, while the third militant was able to disappear even though the Israeli forces used more than 500 soldiers, 12 helicopters, powerful spotlights and police dogs; the operation was carried out by the chief of the joint staff command himself.

65. The Colonial Quarters Operation: While the new tyrannical Palestinian Autonomy was taking over authorities and signing the disgraceful peace treaty with the Israelis, giving them more than 90% of Palestine, the Al Aqsa Martyrs group, which belongs to Al Qassam Brigades, ambushed an Israeli patrol at a sharp curve between Hebron and Beir Sheib'a, near Megahoud settlement, on Thursday, 2 September 1993. The militants fired at the patrol while it was approaching. As a result, their vehicle turned over and the soldiers were either killed or seriously injured.

66. Prison Installation Operation: As soon as the disgraceful peace treaty was about to be signed, the militant Ayman Atallah, a member of Al Qassam Brigades, drove a bomb-laden car through the main street of Netsareem in south Gaza and ran it into an Israeli vehicle belonging to the Prison Installation on Sunday, 12 September 1993. The two vehicles were completely destroyed, but the Israeli forces only admitted that one passenger was slightly injured.

67. Downtown Hebron Operation: During these serious conditions in which the disgraceful peace treaty was signed, the militants belonging to the Martyr Abdallah Azzam group ambushed an Israeli bus at the Hebron-Keryat Arba'a junction on Sunday, 12 September 1993. The militants shot the soldiers down and took their papers and weapons, including an M-16 rifle and a Klashenkoff after which they withdrew safely.

68. Mus'ab Ibn Omeir Operation: Two militants belonging to Al Qassam Brigades ambushed an Israeli Jeep carrying three soldiers in the Al:zeitoun area in Gaza at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, 12 September 1993. The militants, using an M-16 and a Klashenkoff, shot down the Israeli soldiers and took their ammunition and papers after which they withdrew safely.

69. Askalan Operation: Al Qassam militants were quite active in the 1948-occupied territories when the militant Ala'a Al-kahlout stabbed an Israeli bus driver while travelling from Askalan to Asdoud on Sunday, 12 September 1993. The militant detonated all the explosives he had on the bus causing injuries to several Israelis. One of the passengers was able to shoot the militant down who was later martyred. The Israeli forces admitted that the bus driver was killed and three Israeli passengers were injured.

70. Gaza Municipality Operation: The distinguished and daring operations carried out by Al Qassam Brigades continued with one militant attacking four Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint in the Gaza municipality building on Tuesday, 14 September 1993. He was able to break into the building and stab the four Israelis while another group were firing at other Israeli soldiers behind the checkpoint. The militant was martyred by an Israeli soldier who fired more than 30 bullets into his body.

71. Netsara Junction Operation: Al Aqsa Martyrs group in Hebron attacked an Israeli bus and a Jeep on Tuesday, 14 September 1993. The operation objective was to reveal the consolidation and sympathy with the militants in Gaza and to show the utter rejection for the disgraceful peace treaty signed by the new Palestinian Autonomy. The bus and the Jeep were heading toward Netsara, south of Hebron; several Israelis were killed and others injured. While the group were leaving, they encountered a military checkpoint at Netsara junction where they killed and injured several Israeli soldiers and the militant Mohammed Azeez Mar'ee was martyred. The Israeli forces only admitted that four soldiers were injured; two of whom were seriously injured.

72. Al-remal Police Station Operation: One militant broke into Al:remal police station at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 14 September 1993. He was able to reach the outside gate before he was shot down and martyred by an Israeli soldier. However, all the explosives carried by the militant were detonated in the process. The Israeli forces did not admit any losses as usual.

73. Re'nana Operation: The Israeli analyst of the Ha'aretz daily newspaper could not conceal his worries about the rapid and extended activities of the Hamas operations, which have become stronger and more popular than ever before. The E'youn Qara group kidnapped the Israeli reserve soldier Pegal Fankin at Re'nana north of Tel Aviv. Thereafter, they exterminated him and withdrew safely. The Israeli forces were unable to arrest the group.

74. Beit E'eel Operation: In an immediate reaction to the barbarian Israeli attack on secured Palestinians in Gaza and to be faithful to the martyrs of Al Qassam Brigades, the militant Suleiman Zeidan drove a booby-trapped vehicle into an Israeli bus carrying soldiers at Beit E'eel near the Israeli army headquarters on 4 October 1993. A roaring explosion took place and a lot of Israelis were either killed or seriously injured. The Israeli forces admitted that only 30 soldiers were injured so as to undermine the daring operation.

75. Al-atatreh Operation: In an act of revenge for the two martyrs Ashraf Mahdy and Ayman Atallah, a group of militants were able to penetrate all Israelis checkpoints and arrived at Al:atatreh, near Beit Lahya, and ambushed two Israeli vehicles on Tuesday, 19 October 1993. The first vehicle was a Subaru carrying two Israeli soldiers and the second was a Jeep carrying another two Israelis. As soon as the Subaru arrived, the group shot down the soldiers and a few minutes later the Jeep arrived so they also shot the soldiers in it. The group withdrew safely despite the intensive Israeli siege using helicopters to chase and arrest the group.

76. The Jameel Al-wady Operation: In revenge for the martyrs of Al Qassam and Al Intifadah, and on the fourth anniversary of Martyr Jameel Al:wady's death, the chief of Al Qassam Brigades in Khan Younis and the militants of the special forces disguised as Israeli Rabbis hijacked an Israeli vehicle on Sunday, 24 October 1993. This operation was similar to the kidnappings of the Israeli soldiers Avy Sportas, Elan Sa'adoun, Kervat Tolidano and Fredburgh Witchman. The militants kidnapped the sergeant Yahoud Rock and the corporal Elan Levi while waiting on the highway leading to Jany Tal near Khan Younis. The Israelis were exterminated and their papers and a radio were taken. Hamas announced its responsibility for the operation and presented a photo of one of them and a checkbook of the other.

77. Beit Kahel Operation: In revenge for the bloodshed caused by the Israeli aggression and attacks on the Palestinian towns, villages and camps, Al Qassam Brigade militants ambushed Rabbi Haim Drucman's car, a prominent chief of the racial Zionist movement, Gosh Amunim and an ex-member of Parliament. They fired at his car near the Beit Kahel junction at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, 7 November 1993. The driver was killed but the Rabbi, who is responsible for the settlement process, was seriously injured.

78. Hebron Operation: As part of the war waged by Al Qassam Brigades against the Israeli settlers, a group belonging to the battalion attacked a vehicle belonging to an Israeli settler near Hebron on Monday, 6 December 1993. Two settlers were killed and three were injured.

79. Hamas Operation: Two militants belonging to Al Qassam Brigades used a car to drive over an Israeli vehicle near Beitonia, southwest of Ramallah, at the industrial zone on Wednesday, 22 December 1993. They killed two and injured three other Israelis from Doulb, who were also in the car.

80. Emad Aqel Operation: A group of Hamas militants ambushed an Israeli Jeep belonging to the Israeli headquarters carrying a group of high-ranking officers. When the Jeep arrived at the crossroad at the end of Al:nasr street in Gaza, the militants fired at the vehicle from a distance of 4 metres. As a result, 36-year-old Lieutenant-Colonel Me'eir Mentz, who is the deputy of the chief-in-command of the Israeli forces in Gaza and a prominent officer in the Gaza headquarters and connected with Israeli Intelligence, a major and two soldiers, were seriously injured. The chief-in command of the joint staff described the operation as the most serious incident to date.

81. Al-affouleh Operation: It was the first operation in a series of revenge operations for the Al:ibraheemy Holy Shrine massacre on 6 April 1994. The militant Ra'ed Abdallah Zakarneh, a member of Al Qassam Brigades, drove a booby-trapped vehicle with an Israeli registration plate into Al:affouleh bus station at 12:25 p.m. and detonated it. Nine Israelis were killed and more than 150 were injured. A statement revealed that the car was carrying 57 kilograms of explosives. It also warned the Israelis to leave their settlements and added that "We ask the Israelis to leave their settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, otherwise we are not to be blamed for any operations against them".

82. Al-khdeireh Operation: During the Israeli memorial day celebrations of the Israelis killed in the Arab-Israeli wars and one week after the revenge operation, the militant Ammar Amarneh, a member of Al Qassam Brigades, blew up an Israeli bus belonging to Eaged working on line 8 at Al:khdeireh, northwest of Tulkarm, on 31 April 1994. Five Israelis were killed and more than 32 were seriously injured.

83. Al-quds (Jerusalem) Operation: Two militants belonging to Al Qassam Brigades were able to penetrate all Israeli security checkpoints and shoot down several Israelis at Nehlat Shafa'a near Jaffa Street in Jerusalem on 9 October 1994. Two Israelis were killed and 16 were seriously injured. In the process, the militants Essam Al:jawhary from Egypt and Hassan Abbas from Gaza were martyred.

84. The Capture of Nehson Faxman Operation: A group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades captured the Israeli soldier Nehson Faxman on Tuesday, 11 October 1994. The Israeli forces were to exchange some Palestinian captives (mainly the elderly and the sick) for his release. The group allowed four days for Rabin to decide and an agreement was made between the two parties to extend the time period for another 24 hours. Collaboration between the Israelis and the Palestinian Autonomy enabled the Israelis to locate where the captive was confined. Rabin abused the additional time limit to try and liberate the captive. Consequently, Faxman and the chief of the Israeli special forces were killed and the three militants guarding Faxman were martyred on Friday, 14 October 1994.

85. Dezenkov Street Operation: In an immediate reaction to the previous operation, the militant Saleh Abdelraheem Sawy bombed an Israeli bus at Dezenkof Street in downtown Tel Aviv on 19 October 1994. The explosion was rather violent, leaving 22 Israelis dead, 47 injured and seriously damaging many shops. Israelis were confused and shocked by this operation, causing Yitzhak Rabin to shorten his visit to London.

Sources: Palestine Information Center