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Government of Israel statement following second Arab summit conference

(September 13, 1964)

Eleven Arab Heads of State met in Alexandria for a second Arab summit conference from 5 to 11 September 1964. The conference agreed to enlarge the armies of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, to arrange their financing by oil-rich Arab countries, and to take military measures to prevent Israel from drawing water from the Jordan. Egypt announced that, in Gaza and Sinai, it would train the newly formed army of Palestinian Arabs. On 13 September 1964, the Government of Israel, after hearing reports on the conference, issued the following statement:

(1) The conference decided unanimously, on the initiative of Nasser, to establish as its objective "the liberation of Palestine from Zionist imperialism." It also resolved to carry out a common programme of action for the fulfilment of this aim.

Here we have a declaration by thirteen States, members of the United Nations, announcing that it is their objective to attempt to destroy another State, also a member of the United Nations, and to plan a comprehensive military attack against Israel.

The State of Israel is, of course, resolved to repel and thwart any aggression against it. Nevertheless, peace-loving States in the world, the United Nations and enlightened public opinion are surely not entitled to reconcile themselves to public announcements of aggressive intent and to declarations which violate the purpose of the United Nations Charter and the accepted principles governing relations between States.

Moreover, these aggressive declarations are made at a time when the world is engaged in attempts to increase understanding, to diminish international tension, and to find peaceful solutions for regional disputes. The world would do well not to revert to the attitude of complacency, silence and lack of concern evinced towards threats of aggression and war, accompanied by political and military preparations aimed at translating the threats into action.

(2) The Alexandria conference adopted resolutions concerning the diversion of the upper tributaries of the Jordan. These resolutions promise "the implementation of Arab plans, especially in the military and technical fields, including the commencement of work of a revolutionary character."

In this connection the Government of Israel reiterates its attitude on this subject as expressed by the Prime Minister in his statement to the Knesset on 20 January 1964:

"Israel will draw water from Lake Kinnereth within the quantities allotted it in the Unified Plan. Israel will oppose unilateral and illegal measures by Arab countries and will act for the preservation of its vital rights.

"In the measure that world public opinion rejects counsels of hostility and aggression, and encourages positive and constructive development, it will assist the Arab Governments to abandon a policy of dangerous adventure, and will assist our region to move forward on a path of constructive progress and peace."

Source: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs