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Camps & Ghettos Photographs: The Warsaw Ghetto

** Warning: Gallery May Contain Graphic Images **
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  • Jewish children smuggling food over and through the Ghetto wall.
  • Street of the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Warsaw Ghetto walls
  • Children in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Jewish family in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Jews read the Torah in secret in the Warsaw ghetto
  • Old Woman Selling Armbands with Jewish Star
  • Children on Nalewki street in the Warsaw ghetto.
  • Jewish street vendor in the Ghetto
  • Street Scenes in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Street Scenes in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Street Scenes in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Street Scenes in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Street Scenes in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Street Scenes in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Street Scenes in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Judenrat member counts victims of starvation and diseases prior to a mass burial.
  • Bodies of Jews who died from hunger and starvation collected from the streets and buried in common graves.
  • Jewish family dwelling in the Warsaw ghetto
  • Jew arrested by Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto.
  • Warsaw ghetto wall under construction by Jewish forced laborers. (October 1940)
  • Footbridge over Chlodna Street connecting two parts of the Warsaw Ghetto.
  • Jews rounded up by the Nazis are forced against the wall in the Warsaw ghetto.
  • Little boy in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Jews sent to the umschlagplatz, the place from where thousands of Jews were deported to concentration camps.
  • Jews at the umschlagplatz waiting for boxcars to Treblinka
  • Loading the boxcar trains headed to Treblinka
  • Jews led through the streets of Warsaw headed for deportation
  • Jews herded in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Jewish workers at the Brauer firm arrested during the uprising.
  • Deportation of Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto to a death camp
  • Jews forced to march to the umschlagplatz
  • Jews sit at the umschlagplatz under the watch of German soldiers
  • Jews awaiting deportation at the umschlagplatz
  • Jewish sniper takes position in the Ghetto during the Uprising
  • Nazis capture Jewish fighters in the Ghetto
  • Jews captured during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising are led by German soldiers to the assembly point for deportation.
  • Fire rages inside the Ghetto during the Uprising
  • Jewish freedom fighters captured in the Warsaw Ghetto.
  • A Jewish resistance fighter captured in a bunker in the Warsaw Ghetto.
  • Jews pulled from hidden bunkers that were either found or betrayed.
  • Captured Rabbis in the Ghetto
  • Bodies of Jewish resisters lie in front of a building where they were shot by the SS. The German caption read: "Bandits killed in battle."
  • Nazis set the Ghetto ablaze
  • German photo of the interior of a "residential" Jewish bunker.
  • Surrounded by guards, SS Major General Jürgen Stroop (center) watches houses burn during the Ghetto uprising.
  • German soldier stands in the wreckage of the Warsaw Ghetto
  • A Menorah amidst the rubbles of the Tlomackie Street synagogue blown up by the Germans (May 16, 1943)
  • The Ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto

Sources: All images courtesy of Shoah - The Holocaust; U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. All Rights Reserved.