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Sachsenhausen (Oranienburg): Photographs

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  • Barracks of Jewish inmates. It now houses a museum.
  • The green building beyond the entrance gate is the remnants of the SS troop barracks.
  • SS troop barracks
  • Execution Trenches at Sachsenhausen “Station Z”
  • Execution Trenches at Sachsenhausen “Station Z”
  • Trench near gas chamber where Russian POWs were shot.
  • Floor of gas chamber, looking north toward the execution trench
  • View from opposite side of the gas chamber with ruined ovens in background
  • View of undressing room, looking toward the door into the gas chamber
  • Steps lead from gas chamber into garage, with driveway in foreground
  • Close-up of the steps leading from the gas chamber to the garage
  • Guard Tower at Sachsenhausen
  • These were the Infirmary Barracks at Sachsenhausen, later used for medical experimentation and now housing an exhibition.
  • Main Entrance to Tower A at Sachsenhausen
  • Main Entrance to Tower A at Sachsenhausen
  • Medical autopsy table at Sachsenhausen
  • This is the Pathology Block built above the Mortuary Cellar, used to house bodies prior to cremation.
  • The perimeter of the Sachsenhausen camp
  • Barracks in Sachsenhausen
  • Prisoner’s uniform at Sachsenhausen
  • Wall around the Roll Call Area indicating the positions of the barrack blocks.
  • Entrance tower to Sachsenhausen camp from the Roll Call Area.
  • Survivors in Sachsenhausen speak with their Russian liberators
  • Part of shoe testing track in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Prisoners who belonged in “Schuhläuferkommando”, the shoe testing unit that tested military footwar for German soldiers, were forced to walk on this track for days at a time.
  • Soviet Liberation Memorial at Sachsenhausen


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