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Egypt's Statement on Troop Movements into Sinai

(May 15, 1967)

On 14 May 1967, Egypt, citing its defence pact with Syria, began to move forces to the Sinai peninsula. Many of the troops passed through Cairo on their way east. A day later, a general state of emergency was declared in Egypt. Text of the Egyptian Battle Order No. 1, issued by Field Marshal Abd al-Hakim Amer, 14 May 196 7.

In the past few days, reliable reports have disclosed that there are huge Israeli troop concentrations on the Syrian borders. Their intention is to intervene on Syrian territory in order to:

1. Overthrow the Arab liberated regime and establish a hired reactionary regime in Syria;

2. Suppress the movement for the liberation of Palestine.

This was supported by the aggressive declarations, characterized by their impudence, which were made by the Israeli Prime Minister and Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, and which represent an undisguised provocation of the Arab liberated forces, at the head of which is the United Arab Republic...

But, after considering all the possibilities, we decided to take a firm stand against the Israeli military threats and intervene immediately in case of any aggressive action taken by Israel against Syria...

The following orders have been issued:

1. Mobilization of the armed forces;

2. Raising the level of preparedness to full alert for war, beginning 14.30, 14 May 1967;

3. The formations and units indicated by the operation plans will move from their present stations to their appointed grouping areas;

4. The armed forces will be at full alert to carry out their battle assignment on the Israeli front according to developments in the situation...

Source: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs