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The Deportation of Romanian Jews to the Generalgouvernement

Minutes of the conference held in Berlin on 26 and 28 September 1942, which dealt with the evacuation of the Jews of the General Government and the deportation of the Jews of Romania to the General Government.

1. The evacuation of 600,000 Jews of the General Government.
2. The deportation of two hundred thousand Romanian Jews to the General Government…


As regards point 2, on the day of the conference the Romanian Railroad Company telegraphed that they were unable to attend the conference for technical reasons and requested that it be postponed.

The conference, which took place without the representatives of the Romanian Railroad Company, arrived at the following conclusion.

The station of departure for the special trains in Romania is Adjud on the Ploesti-Cernautzi line, the border station to the General Government is Sniatyn, the final destination is Belzec.

It was considered that there was to be a special train every two days, consisting of 50 freight cars and one passenger car (for the escort) for the transportation of two thousand persons. In order to avoid its being empty on the return journey, covered German freight which are already in Romania or will arrive there are to be used.

The General Representative of the German Railroad Company in Bucharest was requested to arrange, together with the Romanian Railroad Company, to have the cars ready for the operation of the transports, though probably somewhat later than had been intended, in cooperation with T.K. Bucharest and WTL South-East.

The hand-over of the special trains by the C.F.R. [Romanian Railroad Company] will be carried out punctually according to the schedule, in coordination with the management of the German Railroad in krakow, so that they can leave Sniatyn in the direction of Lemberg at 1.03.”


Source: Jean Ancel, "Plans for Deportation of the Romanian Jews and their Discontinuation in Light of Documentary Evidence (July-October 1942)," Yad Vashem Studies, Vol. 16, 1984, pp. 401-402.

Yad Vashem