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Newspaper Report on the Deportation of Romanian Jewry

Bukarester Tageblatt, October 1, 1942


A few weeks ago news was published about the forthcoming deportation of Jews from Romania with the last Jew to leave to the East already in 1943; at the time our newspaper reported some details of this story. This deportation will be conducted by executive branches selected for this purpose by the Romanian government and it will proceed according to the plan approved and agreed upon by the government. The obvious goal is to purge Romania from Jews as required by the spirit of obligations of the Romanian government toward the New Europe. The government is aware of those obligations and the Romanian people make great sacrifices in human life and property.

It was to be expected that the deportation plan would stir something of a storm within the Jewish camp and this is indeed what happened. The fear of losing finally and irreversibly the position acquired by Jews in Romania not through merit arouses a great deal of emotion among them. In their great desperation they are looking for figures who would help them. They are looking everywhere and are ready to make the kind of “sacrifices” they used to making. Regrettably, they succeeded in finding helpers who for the Jews sake are ready to adopt a position which carries no chances of success. In doing so, those helpers show themselves as being mere slaves of the Jews.

In the struggle against the deportation of Jews, the most active is the Jew Neumann from Arad. The Jew Neumann, who will holds the majority of shares of a big textile factory “Textile Aradane,” converted to Christianity many years ago so that now he can throw dust in the in the believer's eyes as a “Roman-Catholic Christian.” Some may think he can succeed in this. Some may think he has nothing to do with the radio equipment recently found in one of his estates. It seems, however, that his trust in the stability of Romanian Jewry has long since been shaken, for about three years ago he allowed some members of his family to emigrate to the promised land of Mr. Roosevelt. He “received” an entry visa to the U.S. with the help of a woman friend of the former American consul in Bucharest.

This Jew Neumann allied himself with another Jew, Dr. Filderman, who resurfaced after a prolonged absence in order to foil the deportation of Jews. He carries on his activity mainly in the form of memoranda he distributes. Furthermore, he sought and established contacts with some circles of the former National Agrarian Party who, together with other slaves of Jews whom Neumann rallied to his cause, are prepared to perform the dirty work for the Jewish gang against the interest of the Romanian people and its country.

Solicitous efforts of the Jews Neumann and Filderman stirred also the Transilvania as well as the Banat Jews, whose representative wrote a memo containing a forceful protest against the anticipated deportation of all of Romanian Jewry to the east.

Those few examples provide sufficient proof that Romanian Jewry, headed by the Jews Baron Neumann and Dr. Filderman, has been up in arms against the program and is making a lot of noise about it, as any experienced observer can notice. In point of fact, one can respond to all this tumult with a shrug since all the shouts of Romanian Jews will not change their final fate.

Source: Jean Ancel, "Plans for Deportation of the Romanian Jews and their Discontinuation in Light of Documentary Evidence (July-October 1942)," Yad Vashem Studies, Vol. 16, 1984, pp. 404-405.

Source: Yad Vashem