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Successful Arrow Test

Another successful test of the Arrow weapon system was conducted Monday, September 14, 1998, at 14:45 hours, at the The Israeli Air Force (IAF) test site at Palmahim. The success of the test is an important milestone in building an operational response to the threat of surface-to-surface missiles.

The test included the launching and flight of the Arrow 2 missile, but was not meant to intercept a target.

This was a complete system test, in which all components of the weapon system actively participated.

A target simulator created a simulated ballistic missile target which was picked up by the fire control radar— Green Pine—which tracked it and sent its data to the intercept management system—Gold Etrog.

The intercept management system transmitted an intercept order to the launcher control system, and from there to the Arrow launcher, which successfully fired the missile.

An initial analysis of the findings shows that all components of the weapon system and the Arrow missile systems operated as planned, and that all of the test’s objectives were achieved.

About 97 seconds after the missile was launched, the test was completed and ended with the activation of the missile’s warhead.

The main contractor of the Arrow missile and the entire weapon system is MALAM, a division of Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI).

The Green Pine fire control radar was developed and produced by Elta Electronics Industries Ltd., an IAI subsidiary. The Gold Etrog intercept control system was developed and produced by Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd.

The test’s success is a significant milestone in the Homa (Wall) program, and will advance the Arrow weapon system’s entry into operational status.

The Defense Ministry adds:

Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai, who was briefed on the results of the test this afternoon by Defense Ministry Director General Ilan Biran, praised the Arrow system’s successful showing and congratulated all those associated with the project.

Several weeks ago, Defense Minister Mordechai approved the Arrow program for the next decade, integrating it into the multi-year plan of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Defense Ministry.

Source: Israel Government Press Office.