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Prime Minister's Office Statement on the Peres-Weinberger Talks

(October 17, 1984)

Prior to finalizing its plans for the redeployment of the IDF in Lebanon, Israel was seeking to coordinate its policy with the United States, hoping the U.S. would mediate between Israel and Syria, now a major force in Lebanon. The following communique outlines the framework for the prospective arrangement in Lebanon. Text:

At the conclusion of the Peres-Weinberger talks, it was reported from the Prime Minister's office that in his meeting with American Defense Secretary Weinberger, Prime Minister Peres outlined Israel's positions on the issue of Lebanon. The prime minister stressed that Israel is firm in its resolve to bring about effective and lasting security arrangements which will enable the I.D.F. to be brought back home soon, while securing the northern settlements.

Israel has no intention of compromising on the issue of these security arrangements. Israel believes that they can be implemented within a reasonable period of time.

The prime minister stated that the framework for an arrangement in Lebanon includes military and political components: A political understanding with the Syrians and a military accord with the Lebanese. Balance and integration of these two is necessary in light of Israel's terms, which include:

A) A Syrian undertaking not to expand its forces' deployment into the areas to be vacated by the I.D.F.;

B) A Syrian undertaking to prevent infiltration for terrorist purposes from the territory under Syrian army control;

C) The continued existence of the S.L.A. under Lahad's command, and its deployment in the southern area adjacent to Israel's border;

D) The deployment of U.N.I.F.I.L. units in the strip north of the S.L.A. strip, from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Syrian deployment lines in the east.

Israel will welcome the U.S.'s Good offices in mediating between the sides for the desired arrangement, in the finest tradition of U.S. activity to reduce tensions and establish peace in our region.

Source: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs