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First Lebanon War: Major Incidents in Lebanon


January 5 - IDF soldier seriously wounded by an explosive charge activated against an IDF convoy, some 350 meters north of the Beaufort outpost. The Hizbullah organization claimed responsibility for the incident.

February 23 - Three IDF Paratrooper officers, Major Eitan Balahsan, aged 30, Lieutenant Liraz Twitu, aged 21 and Lieutenant David Granit, aged 22, were killed during initiated operational activity north of the central sector in south Lebanon.

February 28 - Brig.-Gen. Erez Gerstein, commander of the Lebanon Liaison Unit, aged 38, Warrant Officer Imad abu Rish, aged 34, Staff Sergeant Omer Elkabbetz, aged 22 and Ilan Ro'e, "Kol Israel" radio reporter, were killed by an explosive device detonated at an IDF convoy in the eastern sector of the security zone in south Lebanon.

April 12 - Combat Engineer Sergeant First Class Noam Barnea from Holon was killed by an explosive device near an IDF force during initiated operational activity close to an IDF outpost in the eastern sector of the security zone in south Lebanon.

April 27 - While attempting to fend off a Hizbullah attack on the Sujud outpost in South Lebanon, eight soldiers were wounded, one moderately, and the seven others lightly. An SLA soldier and two Lebanese civilians were also wounded.

May 7 - An SLA soldier was abducted by four armed Hizbullah terrorists and was taken north.

May 3 - Givati brigade soldier, Staff Sergeant Molo Nagatu, was killed from the detonation of an explosive device near an IDF force during initiated operational activity in the western sector of the security zone in south Lebanon. The explosion also wounded one soldier moderately.

May 15 - Hizbullah members infiltrated an SLA outpost and kidnapped an SLA soldier. In addition, an SLA APC was captured by the Hizbullah. During the attack one SLA soldier was killed and six others were wounded. The terrorist fire wounded two civilians and caused heavy damage to property in the Lebanese village of Yahoun.

May 18 - A salvo of 49 Katyushas was fired towards Kiryat Shmona and the northern Galilee. Nine people were injured and damage was caused to property.

June 10 - IDF officer Lieutenant Roi Keller aged 21 from Tel Aviv was killed and another soldier was lightly wounded in a clash between an IDF force and a group of terrorists during initiated operational activity in the eastern sector of the security zone in south Lebanon. During the operation a helicopter was called to assist, but crash-landed wounding two additional soldiers. The helicopter was left on the ground and was evacuated the following day by an IAF rescue team.

June 20 - Mortar bombs were fired towards the Israeli border and fell in open territory. Additional mortar bombs were fired towards IDF outposts on the Lebanese border.

June 24 - About 60 Katyushas were fired towards Kiryat Shmona, and communities in the northern and western Galilee. Two civilians were killed and nine wounded one of them seriously. An IDF soldier in active reserve service was lightly wounded, and 27 civilians suffered from shock. Furthermore, heavy damage was caused to property (the Kiryat Shmona city hall was hit). In response, the IAF attacked infrastructure targets in Lebanon.

July 10 - IDF soldier Ram Rottenberg was killed when his tank overturned during operational activity in south Lebanon. The commander of the tank was moderately wounded.

August 17 - Two IDF soldiers, Staff Sergeant Eyal Guetta and Staff Sergeant Doron Hershkovich were killed and eight other soldiers were wounded, three seriously, two moderately and three lightly in a clash between an IDF force which was engaged in operational activity and terrorists in the central sector of the security zone in south Lebanon.

October 28 - An SLA soldier was killed by the detonation of an explosive device towards his vehicle, north of the "Armata" outpost.

October 29 - An SLA soldier was killed by the firing of shells and light weapons towards the "Sujud" outpost.

November 12 - In a terrorists attempt to attack the "Sujud" outpost, six terrorists were killed. Three SLA soldiers were wounded, as well as four Lebanese civilians and five terrorists.

December 2 - An IDF officer and soldier were moderately wounded during firing towards IDF and SLA outposts.

December 7 - Firing of shells towards the "Rotem" outpost and widespread firing of mortar bombs towards IDF and SLA outposts. There were no injuries.

December 9 - An IDF officer was lightly wounded during SLA initiated activity. During the operation a mortar bomb was fired by terrorists towards An IDF tank which caused the officer's injury.

December 21-23 - As a humanitarian gesture it was decided to allow the Hizbullah to collect the remains of terrorists' bodies left in the field after being killed by IDF and SLA soldiers. During the evacuation there was a temporary cease fire throughout the sector.

December 29 - An SLA soldier was seriously wounded during widespread fire towards the "Huna" and "Sujud" outposts.

December 30 - A suicide car bomb explosion near an IDF convoy on its way to the "Fatma" gate caused the moderate wounding of a soldier as well as wounding eleven Lebanese civilians and killing a terrorist. Furthermore, the bomb caused damage to buildings. Some of the Lebanese civilians were evacuated for medical help in Israel.

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Sources: IDF