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Ancient Jewish History: List of Jewish Prophets

The Talmud (Megillah 14a) says that there had been twice as many prophets as the number of people who left Egypt (2,600,000), but only those whose messages were for future generations were recorded. This count was 48 male and 7 female Prophets.

Of course, there is much debate about who is included in the list. Rashi (Megillah 3a) suggests that Daniel wasn't a prophet and should be replaced by Shemaia, who told Rehavam not to go to war with Yeravam and the northern kingdom. Rabbein Hananel and the Vilna Gaon start from Moshe and add in the sons of Korach.

Rashi also comments that "two [of the prophets] I don't know," refering to numbers 47 and 48. Another commentator says the missing two prophets are Oded and Hanani Haroeh. 

7 Female Prophets

1. Sarah

2. Miriam

3. Devorah

4. Hannah (mother of Shmuel)

5. Avigail (who became a wife of King David)

6. Huldah (from the time of Jeremiah)

7. Esther

46 Male Prophets

1. Abraham

2. Isaac

3. Jacob

4. Moses

5. Aaron

6. Joshua

7. Pinchas

8. Elkanah

9. Eli

10. Samuel

11. Gad

12. Nosson

13. King David

14. King Solomon

15. Aidoin the Golah

16. Micha Ben Yamla

17. Ovadiah

18. Achiah Hashiloni

19. Yehu Ben Hanani

20. Azaryah Ben Oded

21. Haziel from Bnei Masni

22. Eliezer his cousin

23. Morishah

24. Hoshea

25. Amos

26. Micha

27. Elijah

28. Elisha

29. Yonah Ben Amitai

30. Yeshayah

31. Joel

32. Nachum

33. Habakuk

34. Zephaniah

35. Uriah

36. Jeremiah

37. Ezekiel

38. Daniel

39. Baruch

40. Neriah

41. Sharyah

42. Machsiyah

43. Hagai

44. Zechariah

45. Malachi

46. Mordechai

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