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The Dachau Trials: Flossenbürg Cases

(January - December 1947)

In a series of a few dozen cases before a U.S. military tribunal at Dachau, lasting from 1945 through 1947, just under 100 members of the staff at the Flossenburg concentration camp faced charges of war crimes related to atrocities committed at and around the camp.

In the major case (United States of America v. Joseph Becker et al), forty-six camp personnel were brought to trial in June 1946, charged with killing, beating, starving, and mistreating the prisoners under their charge. After more than six months of testimony, the Tribunal returned its verdicts on January 22, 1947, finding all but five of the defendants guilty. Fifteen were sentenced to death by hanging, eleven received life sentences and the remaining fourteen received various jail terms. Those sentenced to death were executed October 2, 1947.

USA v. Joseph Becker, et al. [PDF]

Christian Mohr : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Georg Weilbach : Life Imprisonment
Albert Roller : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Josef Hauser : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Friedrich - Josef Becker : 1 Year Imprisonment
Ister Herz : Acquitted & Released
Erich Mühsfeldt : Life Imprisonment
August Ginschel : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 15th October 1947)
Hermann Pachen : Life Imprisonment
Alois Schubert : The Death Sentence (Commutted to Life Imprisonment)
Eduard Losch : 20 Years Imprisonment
Konrad Blomberg : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Peter Bongartz : 15 Years Imprisonment
Otto Pawliczek : Life Imprisonment
Michael Gelhardt : Life Imprisonment
Theodor Retzlaff : Acquitted & Released
Karl Graber : 10 Years Imprisonment
Raymond Maurer : 30 Years Imprisonment
Cornelius Schwanner : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 15th October 1947)
Josef Wurst : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Franz Berger : 3 & ½ Years Imprisonment
Karl Keiling : The Death Sentence (Commutted to Life Imprisonment)
Erich Penz : Life Imprisonment
August Fahrnbauer : 15 Years Imprisonment
Karl Mathoi : Life Imprisonment
Bruno Skierka: The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Hans-Johann Lipinski : 10 Years Imprisonment
Ludwig Schwarz : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Karl Buttner : Acquitted & Released
Josef Pinter : Life Imprisonment
Alois Friedrich - Karl Gieselman : Acquitted & Released
Willy Olschewski : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Gerhard Haubold : 20 Years Imprisonment
Erhard Ernst-Georg Wolf : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Ludwig Bannskreg : Life Imprisonment
Walter Reupsch : 20 Years Imprisonment
Georg Hoklschon : Acquitted & Released
Kurt-Erich Schreiber : 20 Years Imprisonment
Ludwig Buddensieg : Life Imprisonment
Christian Eisbusch : The Death Sentence (Executed on the 3rd October 1947)
Wilhelm Brusch : The Death Sentence (Commutted to Life Imprisonment)
Adolf Walter-Paul Neye : 15 Years Imprisonment
Alois Jakubith : Life Imprisonment
Gustav Matzke : 10 Years Imprisonment
Johann Geisberger : Life Imprisonment
Hermann Sommerfeld : 15 Years Imprisonment

Other Flossenburg Cases

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-1 (US vs. Georg Degner) Tried 12 June 47

Degner, Georg

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-2 (US vs. Wenzel Wodak) Tried 13 June 47

Wodak, Wenzel

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-3 (US vs. Johann Vican) Tried 2 Oct. 47

Vican, Johann

Case No.000-Flossenburg-4 (US vs. Helmut Fritzche) Tried 31 Oct. 47

Fritzche, Helmut

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-7 (US vs. Rudolf Schulmeister) Tried 19 Sept. 47

Schulmeister, Rudolf

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-8 (US vs. Josef Brauner) Tried 13 Oct. 47

Brauner, Josef

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-10 (US vs. Arthur Auerswald) Tried 21 Oct. 47

Auerswald, Arthur

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-11 (US vs. Peter Goldmann) Tried 29 Oct. 47

Goldmann, Peter

Case No.000-Flossenburg-12 (US vs. Kurt Gottzmann) Tried 13 Nov. 47

Gottzmann, Kurt

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-15 (US vs. Julius Straub) Tried 3 Oct. 47

Straub, Julius

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-16 (US vs. Friedrich Christian Lutz) Tried 29 Oct. 47

Lutz, Friedrich Christian

Case No. 000-Flossenburg-18 (US vs. Eugen Ziehmer) Tried 29 Oct. 47

Ziehner, Eugen

Case No. 000-50-46-1 (US vs. Wilhelm Loh et al) Tried 12 Nov. 47

Humm, Martin
Loh, Wilhelm
Vissmann, Edmund

Case No. 000-50-46-2 (US vs. Ferdinand Wilhelm et al) Tried 21 Nov. 47

Doeplitz, Ernst
Fiedler, Albert
Weyrich, Emil
Wilhelm, Ferdinand

Case No. 000-50-46-3 (US vs. Ewald Heerde et al) Tried 12 Dec. 47

Becker, Friedrich
Gutjahr, Georg
Heerde, Ewald
Rink, Otto
Schmatz, Sepp
Schmitz, Heinrich

Case No. 000-50-46-4 (US vs. Max Fisher et al) Tried 19 Nov. 47

Fischer, Max
Fuchs, Johann
Heller, Philipp
Seubert, Adolph
Toermer, Paul

Case No. 000-50-46-5 (US vs. Karl Mayer et al) Tried 28 Nov. 47

Bergmueller, Josef
Haensel, Karl
Jess, Ferdinand
Kirsammer, Hermann
Mayer, Karl
Schlundermann, Fritz
Stelzner, Kurt

Case No. 000-50-46-6 (US vs. Ottokar Tuma et al) Tried 18 Dec. 47

Banasiak, Bernhard
Kokott, Josef
Krauss, Heinrich
Roesch, Alfons
Tuma, Ottokar

Sources: Dachau Trials.
 The National Archives.