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Cabinet Communique on the Withdrawal from Lebanon

(January 14, 1985)

After two sessions, the cabinet decided on 14 January to pursue a three stage withdrawal from Lebanon. The vote was 16 in favour, including Housing Minister David Levy, and 6 opposed, including Foreign Minister Shamir. It decided that the first phase, would start in mid-February. No time framework was given for the second and third stages. The resolution specified that finally, the IDF will deploy itself along the international border with the Southern Lebanese army. On that day, two Israeli soldiers were killed in Lebanon. Text:

At the special cabinet meeting today (Monday) the cabinet resolved that:

A) The IDF will redeploy along Israel's northern border. The government will do everything required to guarantee the security of the Galilee.

B) The redeployment will be implemented in three major phases:

1. Phase A - in the western sector of Lebanon, the IDF will withdraw from the Sidon area and deploy in the Litani-Nabatiye Region.

2. Phase B - in the eastern sector of Lebanon, the IDF will deploy in the Hatzbaya region.

3. Phase C - the IDF will deploy along the Israeli-Lebanese international border while maintaining a zone in southern Lebanon where local forces (SLA) will operate with IDF backing.

Q Phase A will be carried out within five weeks of this resolution. An announcement on the timetable will be submitted in advance to the Lebanese government and the U.N. Secretariat in order to permit them to organize and deploy forces in the area the IDF will vacate.

Timetables for each additional phase will be resolved on by the cabinet. Throughout all the phases, efforts to reach diplomatic agreements will continue.

Source: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs