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The Warsaw Ghetto: Anti-Semitic Decrees Against the Jews of Warsaw

(October 1939 - November 1940)

October 12
Jews cannot withdraw deposits, securities, cash or gold from the banks, and are limited to withdrawals of 200 zlotys per week. A Jewish family cannot possess more than 2,000 zlotys in cash.
October 21
Jews may not deal in textiles or processed leathers.
October 22
Jews may not own radios or enter movie theaters. Jewish teachers may not teach in Polish schools.
November 15
Jewish women may not engage in prostitution.
November 17
A curfew imposed on all Jews in Warsaw from five o'clock.
December 1
Jews from the age of 12 must wear an armband with a blue Star of David. A Star of David must be pasted on all Jewish-owned stores.
December 3
Jews may not enter the central post office.
December 5
All Jewish schools and educational institutions are closed.
December 22
Jews may not use Polish porters and may not own telephones.
December 23
All Jews must declare all the property in their possession or ownership.
January 14
All Jews between the ages of 12 and 60 are sent to camps for re-education.
January 24
All synagogues and houses of worship in Warsaw are closed.
February 10
Jews may not travel by train between cities in Poland.
April 7
Jews may not open bookstores.
July 6
Jews may not mail letters abroad.
July 8
All Jewish-owned printing shops are closed.
July 29
Jews may not enter parks, municipal areas and specified streets in the center of Warsaw and may not sit on public benches.
August 22
Jewish peddlers and merchants may not purchase goods in neighboring villages.
August 27
Jews may not own bakeries or coaches.
August 29
Jews may not buy a German book.
September 6
Pilsudski Square is renamed Hitler Square and is off-limits to Jews.
September 19
Jewish doctors may not treat Polish patients and Polish doctors may not treat Jewish patients.
September 25
Jews may only ride in trolleys bearing the Star of David.
October 4
Polish maids may not work in Jewish homes.
October 10
Jews must step off the sidewalk upon seeing a uniformed or civilian German.
October 31
A monthly tax of five zlotys is imposed on Jews using trolleys.
November 15
All Jews in Warsaw are transferred to the ghetto.
November 19
All Jewish property found outside the ghetto walls is confiscated.

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