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Shalmaneser V°

SHALMANESER V° (727–722 B.C.E.), son of *Tiglath-Pileser III. He reigned in Babylonia under the name of Ubulai. None of his royal inscriptions, if indeed he composed any, have survived, with the result that knowledge of the period is indirect. From the 7th century B.C.E. Aramean ostraca found at *Assur, it seems that he took captives from Beth-Eden. Josephus quoting Menander of Tyre (Antiquities 9:284) notes that ΣέλαῃμψαϚ had for several years unsuccessfully besieged Ussu, the older, mainland district of Tyre. This last campaign was related to a wide range of insurrections in the area. At this time, *Hoshea ben Elah conspired with the Egyptian king of Sais (!) in the delta. Shalmaneser took Hoshea captive and laid siege to *Samaria (II Kings 17:3ff.). The Babylonian Chronicle ascribes the destruction of Shamarain, i.e., Samaria (cf. the Aramaic pronunciation in Ezra 4:10) to Shalmaneser, though the final capture of the city was probably carried out by his famous successor *Sargon II in 722/21 B.C.E.


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