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Israeli Navy: Service in the Navy

Service Opportunities in the Navy

The Israel Navy offers numerous service opportunities in the fields of naval combat coastal detection, systems development, maintenance and administration. Occupational specialties include service in all-voluntary combat units, as well as, operational and technical capacities.

Volunteer Service

Volunteer naval combat units training courses include:

Naval Officers Course: prepares officers trained to command of ships in the Navy. It includes studies in three main areas of specialization: sailing, electronics and navigation systems. Courses for sailing and electronics last for 20 months, and the course for sailing and navigation systems lasts for another 16 months. During the course, the students are trained to function asofficers and command a gamut of Israel Navy assets, ranging from, rubber dinghies to missile boats.

Naval Commandos Course: Israel Navy commandos receive intensive combat infantry training as well as naval surface and special underwater operations. Israel naval commandos are trained to destroy enemy craft using a wide variety of methods to undertake ground operations at a high level of proficiency. During the 20 month-long course, , participants are required to display resourcefulness, initiative, possess the willpower and physical and emotional capacities to face challenges which almost exceed the threshold of human endurance.

Submarine Course: Service in submarines is suitable for volunteers capable of work in a group setting under difficult conditions in an confined space. During the submarine course, which lasts 10 months, participants must show their capacity for social adjustment, and be able to function in crowded conditions and under high pressure.

Professional Courses

The Navy offers a series of professional courses which qualify participants as crew members for service on missile boats, Dabur (Hornet) and Yitush (Mosquito) patrol boats and tow boats. These units are not considered voluntary, although the majority of the course participants are volunteers who have already been through some preliminary training exercises.

Course for Seamen: Participants learn sea operation of different boats, weapon systems, meteorology, naval navigation, sea communication procedures, etc. Duration of the course is 2 months.

Course for Sea/Coast Wireless Communications Systems Operators: Participants learn the operation of wireless communications equipment between ships, coastal stations and command centers. Duration of the course is 3-5 months.

Course for Sea/Coast Radar Operators: Participants learn how to use radar to locate enemy ships and to track friendly forces. Graduates serve on ships or in operations rooms, and some even serve in patrol aircraft. Duration of the course is about 2 months.

Course for Weapons Systems Operators: Participants learn how to operate sea borne weapon systems, including missile firing systems. Duration of the course is 2½ months.

Other Courses: The Navy also offers other, often classified courses. These include command & control operators, electronic warfare and control of weapon systems. Duration of these courses is approximately 3 months each.

Professional Technicians

Various professional technicians, such as mechanics, electricians and electronic specialists also serve in the Navy, both at sea and on land.

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