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Orthodox Judaism: Przedborz Hasidic Dynasty

The Przedborz family is an Hasidic dynasty founded by ISAIAH OF PRZEDBORZ (d. 1830).

He was one of the closest disciples of Jacob Isaac , Ha-Ḥozeh ("the Seer") of Lublin, and a companion of Jacob Isaac, the Yehudi ha-Kadosh ("Holy Jew") of Przysucha (Pshiska), with whom he studied at the renowned yeshivah of David Tevele b. Nathan of Lissa ( Leszno ). Rabbi in Przedborz from 1788, in 1815 Isaiah became a ḥasidic ẓaddik. His son, IMMANUEL WELTFREID (1802–1865), officiated as rabbi in Przedborz from 1850, and was famed as a miracle worker. He married the granddaughter of Jacob Isaac Ha-Ḥozeh of Lublin and was a disciple of Dov Baer of Radoshits. His son, ABRAHAM MOSES OF ROZPRZE (d. 1918), became leader of the ḥasidic community after his father's death. He had three sons, EMMANUEL OF LODZ, ISAIAH OF KALISH (Kalisz; both d. 1939), and SOLOMON OF TOMASZOW who perished in the Holocaust.

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