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Christian-Jewish Relations: Pope Pius VI: Edict over the Hebrew (Editto sopra gli ebrei)

Pope Pius VI, in his campaign against liberalism, issued an anti-Jewish proclamation reinstating all previous anti-Jewish legislation in 1775 called Editto sopra gli ebrei, "Edict over the Hebrew." The edict stood for 25 years, until the arrival of Napoleon's army.

The Editto is made up of 24 clauses, most notably:

1. A Jew who passes a night outside of the ghetto is condemned to death.

2. The "yellow sign" must also be carried also within the town-walls of the ghetto (up to now the Jews only had to carry it when they left the ghetto).

3. The study of the Talmud is forbidden.

4. The funeral cortei are forbidden.

5. The sale is forbidden to the Christians of bread, meat and milk

6. It is forbidden to hold stores outside of the ghetto.

7. It is forbidden to have domestic Christians, therefore also to that is use of the so-called "women of the fire" (the women that went in into Jewish homes to light fire on Shabbat).

8. Relations with the Christian neighbors are forbidden.

9. Christian silversmiths are forbidden to make lamps of seven arms (Menorah) for ritual use.

10. It is forbidden to invite the Christians in the synagogue.

11. It is forbidden to the Christians to enter in the synagogue.

12. It is forbidden to guide wagons to Rome or in the vicinities.

13. The rabbis are thought responsible of the frequency to the coattive prediche.

14. The income in the churches and the monasteries is not to be given to Jews.

15. It is forbidden to approach itself the "House of the Catecumeni."


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