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Note for the Record

Mutual Undertakings

Israeli Responsibilities

Issues for Implementation


  1. Further Redeployment Phases

    The first phase of further redeployments will be carried out during the first week of March.


  2. Prisoner Release Issues

    Prisoner release issues will be dealt with in accordance with the Interim Agreement's provisions and procedures, including Annex VII.

    Issues for Negotiation


  3. Outstanding Interim Agreement Issues

    Negotiations on the following outstanding issues from the Interim Agreement will be immediately resumed. Negotiations on these issues will be conducted in parallel:


    1. Safe Passage
    2. Gaza Airport
    3. Gaza port
    4. Passages
    5. Economic, financial, civilian and security issues
    6. People-to-people


  4. Permanent Status Negotiations

    Permanent status negotiations will be resumed within two months after implementation of the Hebron Protocol.

Palestinian Responsibilities


  1. Complete the process of revising the Palestinian National Charter


  2. Fighting terror and preventing violence


    1. Strengthening security cooperation
    2. Preventing incitement and hostile propaganda, as specified in Article XXII of the Interim Agreement
    3. Combat systematically and effectively terrorist organizations and infrastructure
    4. Apprehension, prosecution and punishment of terrorists
    5. Requests for transfer of suspects and defendants will be acted upon in accordance with Article II(7)(f) of Annex IV to the Interim Agreement
    6. Confiscation of illegal firearms


  3. Size of Palestinian Police will be pursuant to the Interim Agreement.


  4. Exercise of Palestinian governmental activity, and location of Palestinian governmental offices, will be as specified in the Interim Agreement.

The aforementioned commitments will be dealt with immediately and in parallel.

Other Issues

Prepared by Ambassador Dennis Ross
at the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ra'ees Yasser Arafat