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Agreed Minute





January 7, 1997


Description of Activity:


USAID intends to fund and manage the upgrading of utilities, primarily potable water lines and sanitary sewers, in the area of al-Shuhada Street to improve access to service. In conjunction with these improvements to utilities, USAID will direct renovation of the area within al-Shuhada Street to provide a safe and attractive environment for local businesses, pedestrians and vehicular traffic. The existing street will be completely reconstructed for a distance of approximately 700 meters including Gross square and also along a 200 meter spur of Rahme Road and a 100 meter spur leading to the Old City Gate. Major elements of this proposed activity as currently envisaged include:


  • Reconstruction of water distribution mains, sanitary sewers and electrical lines


  • Installation of a new water transmission line


  • Installation of a new storm drain system (if appropriate)


  • Paving of street with asphalt (typically, width varies from 6 to 9 meters)


  • Construction of concrete brick sidewalks (typically, 2 to 3 meters in width on each side of the street) with precast concrete curbs


  • Construction of concrete brick median strips with precuts concrete curbs in the street


  • Installation of lampposts


  • Erection of safety barriers at selected locations


  • Sandblasting of stone exteriors of streetfront shops, stone fences and stone masonry retaining walls


  • Painting of shop doors


  • Installation of awnings along streetfront shops and residences


  • Installation of cast iron fencing along curbs


  • Installation of litter baskets


  • Installation of planters


  • Installation of new traffic signs


  • Painting of curbs


  • Planting of small trees, shrubs and flowers.

This plan also includes the widening of the al-Shuhada Street in the vicinity of Beit Hadassah and Beit Schnerson. The details of this aspect of the plan include the following elements: the road in front of Beit Hadassah and Beit Schnerson will be widened to 13 meters; there will be sidewalks on each side of the street; each sidewalk will be separated from the street by a low stone wall with iron railings, no more than 1.25 meters high and 30 meters long; there will be equal roadways 3.55 meters wide in each direction; the two roadways will be divided by a security wall no more than 0.40 meters wide, 1.50 meters high and 30 meters long; there will be ten parking spaces on the northeast side of the street.

USAID expects that the renovation of al-Shuhada Street will commence in mid-January 1997 and will be completed as quickly as technical considerations permit. All activities will be subject to applicable laws and regulations. Continuing consultation will be held to address technical issues that may arise during the implementation of this plan.