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Yigal Mossinsohn

MOSSINSOHN, YIGAL (1917–1994), Israeli author and playwright. Born in Ein-Gannim, Mossinsohn was a member of kibbutz Na'an from 1938 to 1950 and served in the Palmaḥ and the Israeli Defense Forces from 1943 to 1949. After six years in the United States (1959–65), he returned to Israel. Mossinsohn wrote stories, novels, plays, thrillers, and adventure books for children, and dealt with topical and historical themes. His first book, a collection of stories, Aforim ka-Sak ("Gray as a Sack"), was published in 1946. In 1948 the Habimah Theater staged his first play Be-Arvot ha-Negev ("In the Negev Desert"), which was a popular success. The theme of the play was the heroic stand of Kibbutz Negbah against the invading Egyptian army during the Israeli War of Independence. Mossinsohn also wrote several other topical plays. A great success was his series of thrillers for children and teenagers, Ḥasambah, starting in 1950, which found a host of imitators.

Additional works include (1) Stories and novels: Mi Amarshe-Hu Shaḥor (1948); Ha Derekh li-Yriḥo (1950); Derekh Gever (1953); Yehudah Ish Keriyyot (1963, Judas, 1963); Cherchez la femme (stories, 1971); Yeḥi ha-Hevdel ha-Katan (1974); and Taranella (novel, 1979).

(2) Plays: Tamar Eshet Er (1947); Im Yesh Ẓedek (1951); Cambyses (Heb. 1955); Casablan (1958; later, the basis of a musical play); Eldorado (1963); Shimshon (1968); Ha-Meragelim ba-Bordel shel Rahav ha-Zonah (1980). For English translations, see Goell Bibl.


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