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Black-Jewish Relations: Khalid Abdul Muhammad - In His Own Words

A former national spokesman for the Nation of Islam (NOI), Khalid Abdul Muhammad's outspoken rhetoric is exceedingly confrontational. His supporters seem to view his hateful diatribes as expressions of rage that traditional Black leaders are unable or unwilling to deliver; however, his numerous appearances at universities and rallies have proven to be little more than a platform for his virulent anti-Semitism and racism.

By 1985, Muhammad had become one of Minister Louis Farrakhan's most trusted advisors in the Nation of Islam. He accompanied Farrakhan on fund-raising trips to Libya, where he became well acquainted with Muammar el-Qaddafi. Muhammad's dedication to Farrakhan and to the racist message of the NOI eventually secured him the title of national spokesman.

The start of Muhammad's notoriety was marked by a speech at New Jersey's Kean College in November 1993. He referred to Jews as "bloodsuckers," called for the genocide of white people, and demeaned both Pope John Paul II and homosexuals. ADL responded by running a full-page ad in The New York Times reprinting some of his statements. In February 1994, Congress issued a denunciation of Muhammad, condemning his speech as "outrageous hatemongering of the most vicious and vile kind." Even Farrakhan responded to Muhammad's speech by removing him from the NOI's hierarchy, although he took issue only with the form, not "the truth" of Muhammad's remarks.

Muhammad's violent and unapologetic barrage of bigotry, anti-Semitism and racism is particularly disturbing because of the young and impressionable audience at which it is aimed. Despite the rejection of his rhetoric by political and religious leaders, including some prominent Black activists and leaders, Muhammad continues to spread his message of intolerance. His displays of bigotry and fanaticism, often cloaked in religious principles, are best profiled in his own words.

On Jews

"Who are the slumlords in the Black community? The so-called Jews. . . . Who is it sucking our blood in the Black community? A white imposter Arab and a white imposter Jew."

Kean College, NJ, November 29, 1993

"I say you call yourself Goldstein, Silverstein and Rubinstein because you [sic] stealing all the gold and silver and rubies all over the earth. . . we call it jewelry but it's really Jew-elry, Jew-elry because of your deiving [sic] and stealing and rogueing [sic] and lying all over the face of the planet earth."

Baltimore, MD, February 19, 1994

"I called them [Jews] bloodsuckers. I'm not going to change that. Our lessons talk about the bloodsuckers of the poor in the supreme wisdom of the Nation of Islam. It's that old no-good Jew, that old imposter Jew, that old hooked-nose, bagel-eating, lox-eating, Johnny-come-lately perpetrating a fraud, just crawled out of the caves and hills of Europe, so-called damn Jew. . . and I feel everything I'm saying up here is kosher."

Baltimore, MD, February 19, 1994

"The practice of those freakish Rabbis [circumcision] is that they place their lips on the penis of these young boys and after they have cut the foreskin back, suck the blood from the head of the penis of their own young boys. . . ."

San Francisco State University, May 21, 1997

"Well, I can't be an anti-Semite, in the sense that they say, because they're not the Semites. But let's leave that to the side, whatever the hell they say they are, I'm anti- [sic]. If you say you're a Semite -- even though I know goddamn well you're not a Semite, if you just say you're one -- I'm against you. If you say you're white, goddammit I'm against you. If you're a Jew, I'm against you. Whatever the hell you want to call yourself, I'm against you. Whatever the hell you want to call yourself."

XXL (Volume 1, #1), September 1997

"We came in peace, we came in unity, we came in love, they changed all of the rules, and stop asking me about the Jews being the bloodsuckers of the Black nation, the no-good bastards. They are the bloodsuckers of the Black community. How many say they are the bloodsuckers of the Black community?"

Million Youth March, Harlem, NY, September 5, 1998

On Jewish Control

"The Jews everyday take tractor trailer truckloads full of money out of the Black community when the sun goes down."

WCIN Radio, Cincinnati, OH, March 8, 1996

"The Federal Reserve is privately owned and a so-called Jew controls the Federal Reserve. . . . Talking about the National Debt, the Federal Debt, someone should ask, well who the hell do we owe. . . . And who in the world has that much money that we would get in debt with them. . . . Who are the rich power brokers behind the scenes?. . . Why is the Federal Reserve controlled by the so-called Jew?"

San Francisco State University, May 21, 1997

"Our entertainers, our basketball players, our football players, our track stars, our baseball players, our entertainers and athletes are in the palm of the white Zionist Jew's hand. . . . "

San Francisco State University, May 21, 1997

". . . Stealberg, they call him Stealberg. When it's Swindler's list, they call it Schindler's List. They said that they would move into the Government, manipulate it from behind the scenes, manipulate Congress, manipulate the White House, manipulate the political process, manipulate affirmative action, welfare reform, all of the things that you thought would save you. . . ."

San Francisco State University, May 21, 1997

On Whites

"Now it is time to stand up and fight back. . . . There are no good crackers, and if you find one, kill him before he changes."

West Chester University, PA, February 17, 1992

"The white man is not only practicing racism and Zionism, and with the prostitution ring, the so-called Jew man with the Jew woman all over the world to make a few dollars, he is also practicing sexism. He's a racist, he's a Zionist, an imperialist. He's a no-good bastard. He's not a devil, the white man is the Devil."

San Francisco State University, May 21, 1997

"Notice the crackers here at Cal Poly pretending to be righteous. Look at them as they walk around San Luis Obispo, arrogant peckerwoods. Stop going on college campuses and developing alliances with the white Zionists, and dicing your own people."

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo,
May 22, 1997

On The Holocaust

"You see, everybody always talk about Hitler exterminating 6 million Jews. . . . But don't nobody ever asked what did they do to Hitler? What did they do to them folks? They went in there, in Germany, the way they do everywhere they go, and they supplanted, they usurped, they turned around and a German, in his own country, would almost have to go to a Jew to get money. They had undermined the very fabric of the society."

Kean College, NJ, November 29, 1993

"Tell us you lost 6 million. Historians, scholars, scientists, they went to some of the death camps. . . . It wasn't 6 million, it wasn't 5 million, it wasn't 4 million, it wasn't even 3 million. . . . Some of them say we'd be hard-pressed to get 1 1/2 million. Reports on the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis were bloated, exaggerated, probably fabricated."

Brooklyn, NY, March 29, 1994

"There is a little bit of Hitler in all white people."

NBC's "Donahue," May 12, 1994

"The nerve of them to get angry with him [O.J. Simpson attorney Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.] because he paralleled Mark Fuhrman with Adolf Hitler. Look at it, so-called Jew. Look at it, imposter Jew. Somebody must call you what you are. Somebody must look you in your cold lying blue eyes and pull the cover off of you today. I don't give a damn about you and I will give you hell from the cradle to the grave."

Black Holocaust Nationhood Conference, October 15, 1995

Sources: Copyright Anti-Defamation League (ADL). All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.