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Jews in Nazi-Occupied Soviet Union: Jews Ordered to Leave Kislovodsk

(September 7, 1942)

To All the Jews

With the aim of populating areas of the Ukraine which are sparsely populated, all the Jews living in the city of Kislovodsk and also all Jews who have no permanent place of residence are required to be at the railway station (freight platform) of the city of Kislovodsk on Wednesday, September 9, 1942, at 5:00 in the morning Berlin time (6:00 o'clock Moscow time).

Each Jew can take baggage weighing no more than 20 kgs. (including food for at least two days). Subsequent food requirements will be supplied by the German authorities at the railway stations.

It is suggested that only the most important items be taken, such as: valuables, money, clothing and blankets. Every Jewish family must lock the door of its apartment and affix a note to the key, on which is inscribed the name of the family, first names, occupations and the address of the family; the key with the note must be handed in to the German commanders of the railway station. Owing to transport difficulties it is not possible to take more than 20 kgs. of baggage and no furniture.

With regard to the preparation and dispatch of property remaining behind, each family must pack and mark their goods, linens, etc., and note down exactly to whom they belong. [Military City] Command No. 12 is responsible for the storage and protection of this property.

Any person who tries to put his hands on Jewish property or to break into Jewish apartments will be shot on the spot.

The transfer applies also to Jews who have been baptized. The transfer does not apply to families in which one of the parents is a Jew and the second is a Russian, Ukrainian or member of another nationality. Nor does the transfer apply to persons of mixed origins.

Voluntary transfers by mixed families [ Mischlinge ] of type 1 or 2 may possibly be carried out later.

All the Jews are ordered to line up at the station in groups of 45 to 50 persons; they should pay attention that all members of a family stand together. The line-up must be completed by 5:45 Berlin time (6:45 Moscow time).

The Jewish Committee is responsible for carrying out the order according to plan. Jews who try to interfere with the execution of this order will be punished most severely.

Kislovodsk, September 7, 1942

Command Post No. 12

Sources: Yad Vashem

Dokumenty Obviniayut ("Documents Accuse"), II, Moscow, 1945, pp. 142-144.