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Jewish Communist Tract Calling for Solidarity Between Frenchmen and French Jews


The 16th of July shall become a day of battle and revenge for our displaced brethren. The Jewish masses must join in the struggle that all oppressed peoples are leading with the USSR, America and England for the rights of the Jewish people.

July 16th: A Day of Protest and Strikes

On this day, all workers must cease their jobs; commemorative meetings must take place, and resolutions towards strengthening the struggle must be reached.

July 16th: A Day of Unity

On this day, all Jews must join the National Jewish Movement for the Fight against Fascism, the only Jewish mass organization that is leading the struggle.

July 16th: A Day of Solidarity

On this day, each and every Jew will unite with those whom the Hitlerites have doomed to misery. Every Jew must show solidarity with those leading an effective battle.

July 16th: A day of Propaganda and Armed Struggle

On this day, the task of each and every Jew must be to do the most harm possible to the enemy: to join the resistance, combat and partisan groups, which shall avenge our fallen brethren.


The Party, Youth, Unions, Women and all of our mass organizations shall declare this month as the month of action and battle.

Strengthening All our Organizations

To reinforce the propaganda and permeate the various strata of the Jewish population;

To emphasize recruitment to the Party, Youth, as well as all of our organizations;

To lead a large fund-raising campaign whose slogan is “Struggle and Revenge.”

Let us Follow the Example of our Brethren in Warsaw and Expand our Struggle

Both actions - on July 14th and 16th - should strengthen the Party and all of our organizations dedicated to the struggle, mold the unity of the Jewish masses, reinforce our unity with the French people, and thus prepare for the final struggle to come.

To the Comrades in Charge of Regions, Sections and Groups

Dear Comrades,

We wish to draw your attention to the importance of two major political actions during the month of July, namely:

The French Peoples' Day of Celebration and National Struggle, on JULY 14TH;

The Jewish Peoples' Day of Struggle and Revenge, on JULY 16TH, the anniversary of the Jewish slaughters in Paris.

Our entire Movement must dedicate maximum attention and initiative to these two actions. During the course of the month of July, these actions should increase mobilization of the Jewish forces in the fight against Fascism. As a result of these actions, our Movement should emerge stronger and our influence greater.


Since the loss of national independence and the occupation of France, the French people have transformed the traditional celebration of liberty, namely the 14th of July, into a great patriotic day of unity and struggle.

The major patriotic demonstrations of July 14th in the years 1940, 1941 and 1942 were the ultimate expression of the unity of the French people in its fight against the cruel occupying forces and their allies, and its struggle for an independent France.

This year, the people of France are celebrating the 14th of July under special circumstances: it is the time of Hitler's great defeats and the period of preparation for the second European front, which will be the signal for national uprising and the end of the bloody Fascist regime.

The French people are preparing this final battle by fighting from this moment on for their immediate demands, strengthening national unity, leading a heroic, sacrifice-ridden battle against the occupying forces and the traitors; and increasing sabotage attempts against the German war machine. The direct battle is led by the FTP's, who strike the decisive blow against the enemy.

The Jewish masses of France, who are a particular target of the occupying forces, are organized into distinctive national formations, take an active part in the French peoples struggle and are represented in all of the anti-Fascist formation fronts.

It is only by means of the common fight against the common enemy … that the Jewish masses envision a road to personal salvation.

On this 14th of July, which is a day of liberty and defense of Human Rights' (the French Revolution has granted Jews the rights of all citizens), fraternity between the Jewish masses and the French masses must be expressed clearly by joint demonstrations for the sake of common goals: against the deportations, against the racist measures; for bread for our children; for the release of prisoners; for the return of the deportees …

Source: Museum of Ivry, Fonds Diamant, Theta 6

Source: Yad Vashem