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Arrest Operations in France

Paris, November 4, 1943
Criminal Investigation Department

Ordered by the Occupation Authorities

May 14, 1941:
(by summons) Poles, Czechs, Germans, ex-Austrians - sent to the camps of Beaune-la-Rolande and Pithiviers.

August 21, 1941:
Roundups carried out in Paris and most particularly in the 11th district [arrondissement] regardless of nationality - sent to Drancy.

December 12, 1941:
Arrests in homes. Roundups carried out in Paris, regardless of nationality but aimed particularly at French Jews (dignified Jews) - sent to the camp of Compiegne.

July 16 and 17, 1942:
Arrests in homes. Germans, stateless, Austrians, Poles, Russians, natives of the Saar, Czechoslovakians.

September 14, 1942:
Arrests in homes. Baltic, Bulgarian, Dutch and Yugoslavian nationals.

September 23, 1942:
Arrests in homes. Rumanians.

September 28, 1942:
Arrests in homes. Belgians, natives of Danzig and Luxembourg.

Nov. 4 and 5, 1942:
Arrests in homes. Greeks.

February 11, 1943:
Arrests of all these nationalities, without age limit.

March 19, 1943:
Arrests in homes of certain Jews belonging to the above nationalities, holders of Ausweiss, and foreign Jews holding identity credentials.

March 22, 1943:
Arrests in homes of Jews appearing on a list provided by the Occupation Authorities (Hungarians).

July 19, 1943:
Arrest of certain Ausweiss holders'.

October 18, 1943:
Fresh arrests of Rumanians.

October 20, 1943:
Order to arrest Hungarians (not yet executed).

October 25, 1943:
Order (not yet executed) to arrest Swiss, Spaniards, Portuguese, Danes, Swedes, Fins, Italians.

21 to 22/1/44:
Jewish foreign nationals monitored from 1 to 8/12/43 (except for Turks, Argentines and Poles).


3 to 4/2/44:
Poles (third time).

Source: AIU, CC-21

Source: Yad Vashem