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Terrorism Against Israel: Attacks Against Israeli Representatives Abroad

(1969 - Present)

July 18, 2012
Burgas, Bulgaria
A suicide bomber sent by Hezbollah detonated a bomb next to an Israeli tourist bus outside Sarafovo Airport in the coastal city of Burgas, roughly 250 miles east of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. Five Israeli citizens were killed in the attack - Kochava Shriki (42), Itzik Kolengi (27), Amir Menashe (27), Elior Priess (26), and Maor Harush (26). A Bulgarian bus driver was also killed in the attack together with the suicide bomber.
Feb 14, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand
Three separate blasts were set off in Bangkok that injured five people and blew the legs off one of the bombers, an Iranian national who was fleeing the scene of the attacks when a grenade he was holding slipped out of his hand and detonated beside him. Thai National police chief Gen. Prewpan Dhamapong said authorities "know for certain that (the target) was Israeli diplomats." Israeli Defense Minister said it was clear than Iran was behind the attempted attacks.
Feb 13, 2012
New Delhi, India
Tbilisi, Georgia
In two possibly coordinated attacks, bombs were placed on cars of Israeli embassy officials. In New Delhi, the wife of an Israeli diplomat was moderately wounded when a bomb exploded in her car while she was on her way to work. In Georgia, a worker in the embassy noticed a bomb attached to the bottom of his car and alerted authorities who dismantled the explosive device before it was detonated.
Sept 2011
Cairo, Egypt
In a series of attacks, protestors rushed the Israeli embassy, tearing down concrete walls surrounding the compound and tearing up the Israeli flags flying above the building. Only after President Barack Obama intervened did Egyptian security forces break through the crowds in order to rescue six Israeli security guards who were trapped inside the building. Following this attack the entire embassy staff left for Israel, though a few returned to reoccupy the building the following week.
Feb 1, 2008
Nouakchott, Mauritania
In the early morning hours shots were fired at the Israeli Embassy apparently by global jihad elements calling themselves Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Three local residents were wounded; the embassy staff was unharmed.
July 30, 2004
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
The Israeli ambassador's personal bodyguard and four local policemen were killed in a dual suicide bombing outside the Israeli and American embassies.
Feb 17, 1999
Berlin, Germany
Some 100 rioters broke into the Israeli Consulate General, brandishing clubs, hammers, and iron bars. Israeli security guards shot and killed three of the rioters in self-defense after they took a woman hostage and tried to seize weapons.
Oct 1, 1998
Brussels, Belgium
A grenade was found and safely dismantled outside the Israeli Embassy.
Sept 22, 1997
Amman, Jordan
Two Israeli embassy security personnel were injured in an attack, while in the course of duty.
July 26, 1994
London, England
A bomb exploded outside the Israeli Embassy. Several embassy personnel were injured.
Mar 11, 1994
Bangkok, Thailand
A hi-jacked truck laden with explosives was intercepted on its way to an carry out an attack against the Israeli embassy, after hitting a local motorcycle. The terrorist fled the scene, and the body of the murdered driver was later found in the vehicle by local police.
Mar 17, 1992
Buenos Aires, Argentina
A terrorist bomb demolished the Israeli Embassy. Approximately 300 people were wounded and 28 killed, among them four Israelis embassy personnel, four local embassy employees, and scores of innocent Argentineans, including elderly residents of a nearby nursing home, and schoolchildren on a passing bus.
Mar 7, 1992
Ankara, Turkey
Ehud Sadan was killed by an explosive device attached to his car. The Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah and the Islamic Revenge Organization claimed responsibility.
May 1988
Nicosia, Cyprus
Attempt to attack the Israel Embassy, using a car bomb, detonated a few hundred meters away, killing several policeman.
Feb 16, 1988
Manila, Philippines
An explosive device was detonated outside the building housing the Israeli Embassy. There were no injuries.
Mar 19, 1986
Cairo, Egypt
Eti Telor, wife of an employee in the Israeli Embassy, was killed and three embassy employees were injured in an attack on their car, near the Israel pavilion at the Cairo Trade Fair.
Aug 20, 1985
Cairo, Egypt
An employee of the Israeli Embassy, Albert Atrakchi, was shot and killed while driving in his car. His wife and an embassy secretary were wounded. Responsibility was claimed by the Islamic Jihad - the revolutionary organization of Egypt.
Oct 4, 1984
Nicosia, Cyprus
A car bomb exploded in the parking lot of the Israeli Embassy. The building suffered severe damage. The Abu Musa organization was responsible for the attack.
June 28, 1984
Colombo, Sri Lanka
A bomb was detontated near the hotel room occupied by the head of the Israeli Interest Section. The explosion caused damage to the room and its contents.
June 5, 1984
Cairo, Egypt
Security officer of the Israeli Embassy, Zvi Kedar, was wounded in the hand by a shot fired from a moving vehicle.
Dec 23, 1982
Sydney, Australia
A bomb exploded in the Israeli Consulate building. Two people, including a local employee, were wounded. The Abu Ibrahim faction claimed responsibility.
Dec 3, 1982
Quito, Ecuador
A bomb concealed in a suitcase exploded in the building housing the Israeli Embassy. Two local policemen were killed and a local woman was injured. The building suffered considerable damage. A local organization claimed responsibility.
Sept 23, 1982
The Israeli Charge d'Affaires, Mrs. Esther Milo, was almost kidnapped by a four-man group as she was about to enter her car. She was lightly injured and the attempt failed. The attack was attributed to the Abu Nidal terror group.
June 4, 1982
London, England
Israeli Ambassador in Britain, Shlomo Argov, was shot in the head and seriously wounded when leaving a diplomatic affair in a hotel in the center of London. The three terrorists were apprehended, tried and sentenced to 30-35 years imprisonment.
April 3, 1982
Paris, France
A young woman shot and killed Ya'acov Bar-Simantov, attache in the Israeli Embassy, outside his home. The Revolutionary Armed Factions of Lebanon claimed responsibility for the attack. The assailant succeeded in escaping.
Aug 10, 1981
Vienna, Austria
Two bombs were thrown at the Israeli embassy in the early morning hours, injuring a 75-year old woman and damaging an adjoining house. Later the same day, two explosive devices went off outside the Israeli diplomatic mission in Athens, causing slight damage to the facility.
Nov 13, 1979
Lisbon, Portugal
An attempt was made on the life of Israeli Ambassador Ephraim Eldar, who was wounded in the attack. A guard at the embassy was killed, and the ambassador's chauffeur and a local policeman were injured.
July 1, 1973
Washington D.C.
Yosef (Joe) Allon, air force attache in the Israeli Embassy in the USA, was shot to death outside his home.
Dec 28, 1972
Bangkok, Thailand
The Israeli Embassy was taken over by four terrorists. Six embassy personnel were taken hostage, and were released by the terrorists 19 hours later.
Sept 19, 1972
London, England
Agricultural counsellor/ attache Ami Shechori was killed by the explosion of a letter bomb sent to him. Black September claimed responsibility.
Sept 10, 1972
Brussels, Belgium
An employee of the Israeli Embassy was assaulted and wounded. Fatah/Black September claimed responsibility.
May 28, 1971
Istanbul, Turkey
Israeli Consul Efraim Elrom was assassinated. The Turkish Liberation Army claimed responsibility.
May 4, 1970
Asuncion, Paraguay
Two armed Palestinians broke into the office of the Israeli Consulate and fired at the employees. An Israeli secretary, Edna Pe'er, was killed, and a local worker was injured. The perpetrators were apprehended and sentenced to long prison terms.
Sept 8, 1969
Hague, Netherlands
The Israeli embassies in the Hague and Bonn, and the Brussels office of Israel's El Al airline were attacked within minutes of each other, with bombs and grenades. Three El Al employees and a customer were injured in the Brussels attack, while none were hurt in the other two bombings.

Sources: Israeli Foreign Ministry; Jerusalem Post (February 13, 2012)