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Adolf Hitler: Broadcast Plea for Winter Aid

(August 30, 1942)

"The soldiers of our armies are fighting in a territory as vast as the world, placing in jeopardy their lives and their health," he said. "The greater part of the European nations, as well as those peoples of the Far East, are in league with them [the German soldiers] so that our countries will not become the victims o f Bolshevist barbarism or Judeo-Anglo-Saxon capitalistic exploitation. The old enemies of the Reich, as at the time we struggled for internal power, are again in coalition against us.

"American and English agents today pretend they wish to erect a new and better world than was their old one, one in which every one could work and clothe himself and live.

"If that were true, there was no necessity to attack the German in particular, for National Socialism had long ago solved most of these problems-or was in the course of solving them."

For Herr Hitler the aim of "these international criminals" is not a better social structure but rather the "brutal destruction of National Social European States, which are opposed to their capitalism.

"Their objective is enslavement [of these European States] similar to that under which India has had to suffer so long.

"From now on the attempt to starve the European peoples, desired by the self-styled benefactors of mankind, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, may be considered disposed of.

"In 1939 and 1940 and even possibly again in 1941, our materialistic adversaries have thought of reducing the German people to a slavery worse even than that of the Versailles Diktat. The duty of the soldiers on the front and the laborious German people behind is to destroy forever this hope of the international hyenas and bolshevist beasts and show them that this war can end only by a decisive victory of the 'have not' nations over the possibility of a new exploitation by the 'have' nations.

"I therefore count on the nation to accomplish its duty in this fourth war collection for the Winter Health."

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