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Youth Aliya School in Vienna

The Community of the JUAL Group

An invisible link of genuine cooperation and a sense of belonging brings together all who attend the JUAL School; the atmosphere which these young people see as surrounding their future lives is already present. These youths are already friends, not chance comrades; they share the same fate, they wish to tread their road together, and together to reach their goal. We must also recall the teachers and educators, who are the friends of their pupils. Here we have the happy synthesis that is the necessary condition for successful work with young people, a relationship of trust between teachers and students that could scarcely be finer or more free. The young people feel at home, but they study no less well. The head of the Vienna Youth aliyah, Aron Menczer , has at his disposal for this educational task a staff of assistants which is made up mainly of high school teachers and youth educators, who join in discussing the direction and methods for what has now become the largest Jewish school in Vienna.

In order to maintain this aim, on which the school has embarked as completely as possible, the idea came up of consulting with the parents, and this is now to become a permanent feature. New suggestions are expected from this side, too, and they are to be given far-reaching consideration where the welfare of our youth is considered. Every class at the school forms a community that tries to help every individual, and, if possible, to lighten even his private burdens. The social welfare with its admittedly very modest means also tries to help in the most urgent cases.

Yad Vashem Archives, O-30/30.

Source: Yad Vashem