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Yesh Atid Party: Party Platform


Ani Maamin (I Believe)

We believe that Israel is a democratic, Jewish state in the spirit of the visions of the prophets of Israel.

We believe in our right to live in a state with a Jewish majority which exists within secure and defendable borders

We believe that every person has the right to earn a living, raise a family and live as a free person in Israel as long as he upholds its laws

We believe that every person in Israel must have their fundamental rights met regardless of religion, race, gender or sexual orientation

We believe in a unified society and the principle which says "all Jews are responsible for one another"

We believe in the supremacy of the law

We believe in equality under the law

We believe that education is the true basis for an upstanding society and the is the state's responsibility to that every boy or girl in Israel receives and equal and quality education

We believe that it is the state's responsibility to provide every child with the opportunity to grow up and develop according to their talents regardless of their socio-economic or geographic background.

We believe in an economy which creates prospects for long term balanced growth with reducing poverty as one of its central goals. An economy which works to increase the workforce and protects the interests of the middle class which is the cornerstone of Israel's growth engine

We believe in a government which shows transparency for its citizens.

We believe in an effective government with no more than 18 ministers which does all in its power to combat corruption, minimize bureaucracy, and improve service for its citizens.

We believe that it is the state's responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens. The State of Israel was established on the heels of the Holocaust which taught us that our security cannot depend on others.

We believe that the State of Israel must function as the center of the Jewish world and care for all pursued and persecuted Jews anywhere on Earth.

We believe that it is the duty of the state to care for all its seniors to enable them to live with dignity and enjoy their retirement years without worry or distress. These words are particularly focused on Holocaust survivors who live among us.

We believe it is the duty of the state to care for the health of its citizens

We believe that it is the state's responsibility to facilitate affordable housing for its citizens.

We believe that the existence of the State of Israel depends on its ability to continue its standing at the forefront of technological progress and that the state must encourage higher education, research and development, science, and technology in every possible way.

We believe it is the role of government to oversee the labor market, to reduce unemployment to a minimum, and to ensure that the taxes we pay will be used for the benefit of the entire population and not for the benefit of special interest groups or corrupt bureaucracy.

We believe that part of loving the land of Israel includes protecting its wildlife and the environment and we must do whatever we can to demonstrate concern with future generations by preserving the environment for them.

We believe that the electoral system must create stable governments and reflect the majority opinion and not provide minority groups with the power to exercise political power.

We believe that every person has a voice and his civic duty is to make this voice heard.

Source: Yesh Atid official website.