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The Einsatzgruppen: Operational Situation Report USSR No. 13

(July 5, 1941)

The Chief of the Security Police and the SD

July 5, 1941

30 copies
30th copy

Operational Situation Report USSR No. 13

Einsatzgruppe B

Location: Lvov

On July 5, 1941 a non-political and non-party Ukrainian national newspaper appeared for the first time in Lvov.

The first edition contains greetings and introductions by the city commandant General Renz, the Ukrainian-Greek UNIATE Metropolitan Sheptitsky and Major Poliansky.

The Metropolitan Graf Sheptitsky, who is highly esteemed by all Ukrainians, will read a Pastoral Letter on July 6, 1941, the contents of which have been agreed upon.

Contents: The Ukrainian people's gratitude for their liberation by the Germans.

EK 4b

Location Tarnopol

Prison full of dead bodies (400 - 600). All officials have fled.

Einsatzgruppe C

Location July 5, 1941: Slonim

EK 7a

Location: Minsk. The same

EK 7b

As all the officials have fled and archives have been carted off from the former Polish area, it has become necessary to concentrate the entire Einsatzgruppe in Minsk, since it is a bustling center and capital of the White Russian Soviet Republic.

EK 7b reports from Baranovichi systematic destruction of archives. Officials and clerks have fled. Church attendance is high. Economic life greatly disrupted due to the Kolkhoz-system; thus, lack of food.

EK 9

Location: Grodno

The party building has been requisitioned for the main office in spite of objections from commander Colonel Pickel. Documents and photographs have been secured from the NKVD office. Pogroms are being initiated, heavy destruction, shops looted and demolished; supply situation bad. Church attendance is high.

Bielsk-Podlaski: Supporting troops have taken over all positions. Party officials have fled. Leaders of Jewish intelligensia (in particular teachers, lawyers, Soviet officials) liquidated. Public feelings towards Germans friendly, especially among peasants. On June 20, 1941 Soviet Russians still deported workers to Northern Russia. Church attendance is high.

EK 9 is relieved on July 5, 1941, in Grodno and moves on to Lida. During July 4 and 5, 1941, Volkovisk and Slonim will be searched by security forces.
(The Einsatzgruppen Reports by Yitzak Arad, Shmuel Krakowski and Shmuel Spector, editors. p. 8-9)

Source: The Nizkor Project