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Kadima Party: Party Platform

(November 2005)

In a national media conference on November 28, 2005, the founders of Kadima presented the party's official agenda:

  • The Israeli nation has a national and historic right to the whole of Israel. However, in order to maintain a Jewish majority, part of the Land of Israel must be given up to maintain a Jewish and democratic state.

  • Israel shall remain a Jewish state and homeland. Jewish majority in Israel will be preserved by territorial concessions to Palestinians.

  • Jerusalem and large settlement blocks in the West Bank will be kept under Israeli control.

  • The Israeli national agenda to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and achieve two states for two nations will be the road map. It will be carried out in stages: dismantling terror organizations, collecting firearms, implementing security reforms in the Palestinian Authority, and preventing incitement. At the end of the process, a demilitarized Palestinian state devoid of terror will be established.

  • Israel's political system will be modified to ensure stability: Legislative proposals will be made to increase the MKs' commitment to enable the public's bypassing central committees and vote contractors, and bring an end to the tyranny of the Likud Central Committee. One possibility would be holding primary, regional and personal elections to the Knesset and the Prime Minister's office. Kadima would not rule out a future coalition partnership with any Israeli political party or person.

  • Kadima wants to see a "presidential" system, in which voters choose the prime minister and legislators on an individual basis and not as part of a party list, with Knesset members elected according to specific regions of the country.

Sources: Kadima Official Site