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Decree for the Establishment of the Association of the Jews in Belgium

On the basis of the authority vested in me by the Supreme Commander of the Army, I order the following for Belgium:

Par. 1
(1) The Jews shall be incorporated into an association.
(2) The association shall have the status of Corporations under Public Law. It shall be called “The Association of the Jews in Belgium,” and its seat shall be in Brussels.

Par. 2
(1) All those who are Jews in the sense of Par. 1 of the Jewish Decree of 28.10.1940 (Decree Bulletin of the Military Commander, issue 20, no. 1) and whose domicile or usual place of residence is in Belgium, shall be members of the Association.
(2) In the case of a mixed marriage, the following applies to the Jewish spouse:

a. The Jewish husband shall be a member only if there are no offspring or if there are offspring that are considered Jews.

The Jewish wife shall be a member only if there are offspring who are considered Jews.

Par. 3
(1) The purpose of the Association of the Jews in Belgium is to promote the emigration of Jews. It shall be responsible for the schooling system and the welfare of the Jews, in accordance with future execution orders. Additional tasks may be accorded to it.
(2) The association will levy dues on its members for the execution of its tasks.
(3) If the funds of the Association do not suffice for the execution of its tasks, the Belgian State will provide the additional funds.

Par. 4
(1) The Association shall come under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Public Health.
(2) Its statute, as well as all principal decisions regarding its activity, requires the approval of the Military Administration Chief or of the service appointed by him.

Par. 5
The existing Jewish associations, institutions, funds and establishments may be incorporated, in accordance with future orders of the Military Administration Chief or of the appointed service, into the Association of the Jews in Belgium, or they may be dissolved and their assets transferred, in whole or in part, to the Association.

Par. 6
Orders for executing or supplementing this decree will be given, if they are of principal significance, by the Military Administration Chief, and in other cases, by the Ministry of the Interior and Public Health or by other relevant Ministries.

Par. 7
Any person who violates, whether deliberately or through negligence, this decree or the orders and regulations issued for executing this decree, will be fined or imprisoned or both. In addition to the penalty, his assets may also be confiscated.

Par. 8
This decree will go into effect upon its pronouncement.
The Military Commander
in Belgium and Northern France

Source: D. Michman, Belgium and the Jews, Jerusalem 1998 p.34.

Source: Yad Vashem