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Anti-Semitism in the Arab Press: Expressions of Anti-Semitism in the Arab Press

(December 1999)

There has been a significant increase in anti-Semitic publications in the Arab press in recent months. Publications in the Jordanian press, including that of the establishment, are especially extreme. Developments in the political process with Syria which began in recent weeks have no influence on the publication of articles, nor have they led to any moderation in their severity.

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- Egypt
- Palestinians
- Morocco


On 12 October, 1999, an article by Dr. Al-Aqsa appeared in the editorial columns of 'Al-Sabil' stating that Jewish propaganda turns truth into lies and lies into truth, distorts facts and takes statements out of their context. Dr. Al-Aqsa adds that the Jews bring to trial and acquit whomever they wish using their perverse methods. The Jews declare their desire for peace but commit many crimes and spill much blood. They export terrorism to the entire world and try to kindle the fire of wars between the nations in order to facilitate their domination.

On 25 October, 1999, the daily 'Al-Arab Al-Yom' published an article whose author claimed that the Jews live by murder, massacre, fire and destruction. The writer believes that Jews claim God commanded them to do these things, even though He is compassionate and forgiving. If He were such, He would not have let them remain alive until now, but would have transformed them into monkeys and pigs, just as He did to their predecessors as a punishment for their evil ways. Therefore they take revenge on humanity, which still has faith, in order to lead it astray from the straight path so that they will become rulers. They educate their children to hate the Arabs and teach them to kill Arab children before they grow up and are able to carry arms and kill Jews.

An article extreme in its severity was published in 'Al-Sabil' on 7 December, 1999. The author, Zuheira Jamal Namar, writes: 'Would that we had Hitler's ambition. He lived in poverty and therefore hated the rich Jews who held positions unjustly. His hatred was kindled because of exploitation. Exploitation accomplishes the impossible and results in the eruption of a volcano. He took revenge against them and regained his right. But we, the Arabs, want peace with those who are not satisfied with those positions, but took away our land as well, expelled the people, murdered them, and seized the treasures. Hitler took revenge on the Jews because he knew they were profiteers, traitors and blood suckers. He got rid of them in a sinful way and fulfilled his dream and regained his stolen rights. Is not such a person worthy of admiration? Hitler achieved what the Arabs failed to achieve, even though he started his career as a lowly official. He cleansed his country of Jews in his own way and the Jewish historians lied when they said it was a Holocaust. I contemplate history and see Hitler, the Nazi leader, I learn from his mistakes, his firm resolve and desire, I adopt what is suitable for my principles and my Arabism and ask you to rethink correctly. Hopes and dreams are not easy concepts, but are achieved through work, effort and optimism. We must learn from the mistakes of others and know that nothing is impossible. Look at Hitler and do not change the fate of Jerusalem and Palestine to that of Spain.

On 21 December, 1999, Dr. Al-Mamuni published an article in 'Al-Arab Al-Yom' in which he stated that the Jews go from door to door throughout the world crying and crawling. When the doors are opened and they are permitted to live with other people, they want to be the masters and make others pity them because of their situation and because they were victims of the Nazis and persecuted. They strive to destroy the countries of the Arabs, the Muslims and the entire world, through civil disputes and wars. They are planning a nuclear war in which they do not participate so that the world will be destroyed and the weapons of mass destruction will remain in their hands. The Jew wants to gain control of world funds illegally like taking bribes, drugs, trading in body parts and prostitution. By means of these methods, which are against religion, values and the dignity of man, they have succeeded in accumulating half of the world's riches. A Jew negotiates in a vile way. He conducts a dialogue, afterwards he manoeuvres and then lies and distorts the facts, as is mentioned in the Koran.


In the 24 October, 1999 issue of 'Al-Shaab', an article was published by Dr. Al-Kaud who wrote that the 'culture of peace' is one of the aspects of Jewish deception by which the Jews ridicule our discriminated and persecuted people, people who were a target for attack from the West and the Jews. The true culture from which the European and Jewish conscience is composed in the modern era is actually a culture of killing and tyranny, a culture of racism, which motivates its bearers to behave with contemptible conceit towards the Third World.

The establishment daily 'Al-Aharam', writes on 2 December, 1999 on the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to Israel: 'The Jews, who by virtue of their Law of Return, support the (American and European) mouthpieces, have not only completely assimilated into the societies among which they live, but also control the financial and media in those societies'. On 23 November, 1999, the establishment 'Al-Wafd' published an article following what it called 'the alliance which Israel made with Turkey against the Arabs and the Muslims'. It says that Allah chose us, since we were the people of the Prophet Muhammad, so that we might fulfill Muhammad's task and save the entire world from that cursed gang. To this end, why shouldn't we learn the opinions of our enemy in order to learn his hellish plans and prepare for their elimination? Moreover, why should we not imbue our children with the spirit of the Jihad, when the Koran teaches us about the black history of the Jews?


The daily 'Al-Hayat Al-Jedida' of 14 December, 1999 maintained that there is a great deal of evidence that world Zionism is active behind the scenes and damages the environment, the economy and society in the Arab world and even causes epidemics which destroy it. This is done to promote its strategic plan, based on the industrial and economic exploitation of the Arab region's resources. World Zionism is a political and economic octopus which is strongly attached to the decision-makers in the Powers and which exploits to its own ends their economic capabilities for projects that ensure its growth at the expense of the Arab economy. World Zionism strives to destroy the Arab economy using every means at its disposal.


The weekly 'Al-Hayat Al-Yomiyah' of 23 October, 1999, reports on a new virus which attacks Moroccan tomatoes and which pesticides have so far not succeeded in destroying. The weekly notes that the virus appeared in Morocco after the visit to Morocco of a number of Israeli experts in 1996 who had come to conduct an experiment on lethal medicines. The purpose of the experiment and the visit was to examine the cost of growing tomatoes in Morocco and especially the cost of the type Morocco exports to Europe.

Sources: Israeli Foreign Ministry