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Address To American Arabs By Haj Amin al-Husseini

(March 19 , 1943)

After he fled Palestine, Haj Amin al-Husseini gave a radio speech during World War II from the Islamic Mosque in Berlin in honor of the prophet Muhammad’s birthday. These are excerpts.

The Jews have managed to use their influence to control the British and the Americans. This is proven by the recent passing of a bill in Congress allowing the Jews to build a national homeland in Palestine.

“The Jews took advantage of the previous war to settle in the Holy Land. The Jews are a threat not just in Palestine, but in every Arab country, since this is where the Allies plan to resettle the millions of Jews who were expelled from Europe. The Arabs must fight with all their strength to put an end to this plot.

The Arabs and Moslems will not be deceived by Britain once again because not only have they known its true intentions, but they have also known those of Britain’s allies – America – and I want to draw the attention of the Arab emigrants in America to this fact, reminding them of their glorious past when they supported the national movement. I would also like to remind them that their efforts will be wasted if, God forbid, America and her Allies may be victorious in this war because at such a time the Arabs will never rise again. I therefore know that those Arab emigrants in America will refrain from helping Roosevelt or taking part in a war which he brought on to his country.

If those Allies win this war the Jewish influence will be the arbiter in the world resources and one can thus imagine the future of the Arabs and Moslems, and the dangers which they are exposed to in their fatherlands and beliefs if the Jews and their Allies dominate them and spread the latent hatred on to them.

Then the world will become Hell – God forbid: But Allah is too just and merciful to grant such murderous violators any victory. We are sure that victory will be ours and that of our friends. We have not the slightest doubt about that, we shall not slacken our struggle nor will we be deterred or quietened. Do not be deceived by the allegations of your enemies because you know full well about their intrigues, and be sure that the nation which fights, sacrifices, and awaits will be the victorious one in the end.

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