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UN General Assembly Resolutions: Resolution 31/61

(December 9, 1976)

By a vote of 91 in favour, 11 against with 29 abstentions, the General Assembly adopted a resolution which repeated previous condemnations of Israel and called upon the Security Council to take "effective measures" for the implementation of all relevant resolutions of the Council and of the Assembly on the Middle East and on Palestine. In a separate Resolution 31162 the Secretary General was asked, after having contacted the parties, to submit a report to the Security Council and make recommendations on the early reconvening of the Geneva Conference.

The General Assembly,

Recalling its Resolution 3414 (XXX) of 5 December 1975 and noting with concern that no progress has been achieved towards the implementation of that resolution, in particular its paragraph 4,

Recalling the debate held in the Security Council in January 1976 on the Middle East problem including the Palestinian question, in implementation of subparagraph (a) of Council Resolution 381 (1975) of 30 November 1975,

Deeply concerned at the increasing deterioration of the situation in the Middle East due to continued Israeli occupation and Israel's refusal to implement United Nations resolutions,

Reaffirming the necessity of establishing a just and lasting peace in the region based on full respect for the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations as well as for the resolutions concerning the problem of the Middle East and the question of Palestine,

1. Affirms that the early resumption of the Peace Conference on the Middle East with the participation of all the parties concerned, including the Palestine Liberation Organization, in accordance with General Assembly Resolution 3375 (XXX) of 10 November 1975, is essential for the realization of a just and lasting settlement in the region;

2. Condemns Israel's continued occupation of Arab territories in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the principles of international law and repeated United Nations resolutions;

3. Reaffirms that a just and lasting peace in the Middle East cannot be achieved without Israel's withdrawal from all Arab territories occupied since 1967 and the attainment by the Palestinian people of their inalienable rights, which are the basic prerequisites enabling all countries and peoples in the Middle East to live in peace;

4. Condemns all measures taken by Israel in the occupied territories to change the demographic and geographic character and institutional structure of these territories;

5. Requests once again all States to desist from supplying Israel with military and other forms of aid or any assistance which would enable it to consolidate its occupation or to exploit the natural resources of the occupied territories;

6. Requests the Security Council to take effective measures, within an appropriate time-table, for the implementation of all relevant resolutions of the Council and the General Assembly on the Middle East and Palestine;

7. Requests the Secretary-General to inform the Co-Chairmen of the Peace Conference on the Middle East of the present resolution and to submit a report on the follow-up of its implementation to the General Assembly at its thirty-second session.

Sources: The United Nations